Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bags and socks

This is the crochet bag and purse that I made for Lisa's birthday. I know the colours are bright and not to every one's taste but Lisa embraces colour and is a young version of how I was in the 60's before I was forced to conform. Secretly I would still dress in the hippy style and am definitely going to dress very weird the older I get. It is a promise that I made to myself after being forced to conform in my youth. I have still got all the old crochet patterns and they will emerge and be crocheted once again - so be warned. I still have a cream cheesecloth skirt and lurid pink candy striped wrap around long skirt that I bought in Carnaby street before I was married. Sadly the matching embroidered cheesecloth peasant blouse rotted under the armpits and I had the throw it away. Deodorants in the 60's left a lot to be desired and ruined many of my clothes.

I even lined the bag as I mentioned yesterday and my poor Bernina flashed and banged at me. I want to make some knitting and crochet rolls to hold my needles and hooks but my other much older Singer machine is at the top of the pantry so will take a lot of digging out. I have a wonderful old treadle machine that belonged to my tailoress aunt but the staple holding the treadle strap together has broken and I can't use the machine. It is in perfect condition as I had it serviced not long ago. The guy was impressed and said it was the Rolls Royce of treadles and not the usual Singer type. Offered to buy it from me if I ever want to sell it. Maybe I can sort of sew the strap together with button thread through the holes left by the missing staple?

I finally finished the second pair of socks from the 2 balls of Rowan Classic Kid that Vicky gave to me at Christmas. I only used a small part of the second ball for the original socks so decided to devise a shorter, different patterned, pair to use up the rest of the ball. They are beautifully soft and I think more suited for house wear than as walking about socks. Notice that I didn't post the photos on the same blog as the ones Vicky made for me. I have still got my L plates on with regards to knitting with 5 pointy sticks so still have a lot to learn as regards tension and turning heels. As I say to people who are learning knitting or crochet it is only practise that makes perfect skills so I am going to continue on and do a lot more practising before I add sock knitting to my list of accomplishments. My niece is coming tonight with 2 pairs of partially completed socks for me to finish/ unravel and start again. She is a beautifully neat knitter but has a very tight tension so I doubt if I can replicate and follow on from her knitting.

I went to the Salford Arms knitting club last night. Charlie who picked me up was delightedly showing me some "retro" knitting patterns that she had bought from E -bay and I said I hate to tell you this Charlie but you could have borrowed 3 of those as I already own them. She is now going to come around one day and browse through my stash. I have warned her to bring a packed lunch as I have 2 large boxes down stairs and a couple more stashed in the loft. A lot of my very old patterns have gone walkies unfortunately. People I lent them to a long time ago have not only not returned them but more annoyingly have said they didn't borrow them in the first place. If I borrow anything I always try to remember to return it as do most of my knitty friends. If I still have anything that belongs to anyone please give me a nudge as I must have forgotten. Anyone who is a true crafter is willing to share their patterns but realises the value of them. Worthless bits of paper to most of the world but treasured possesions to a few.

I progressed a little on my Doris Chan last night and am chugging away on the body now after dividing for the arms and doing the 2 extra boob rows on the front. I must try on as it might be ready for the waist decreases now. I don't have much of a waist these days but I like the way that Doris's garments give the illusion of one. As I am a bit top heavy a lot of sweaters finish up a bit tent like when I make my correct bust measurement and do not flatter at all. It's bad enough being a big lass without wearing a tent sweater.

I am off to get dressed and watch Loose Women. I am freezing cold again today so still in my housecoat. I shall model my house socks today as I prised the socks that Vicky made for me off my feet to wash them and they are not quite dry. I didn't want to put such luxurious socks in the dryer and ruin them!

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Zuleika said...

Those socks are so pretty! Great job! I heard handmade socks are so much better than store bought. Maybe one I'll manage to finish a pair and test out that theory. :-)

The bag is really pretty! I can just imagine you walking around looking like a hippy in all your bright colors! lol
I have a bag I made last year that I was supposed to sew the lining into and gave up. I must have lost my sewing mojo somewhere! lol