Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Two Parcels For Me Today

I waited in most of the day to see if my wool parcels would arrive. Just when I had given up and was about to leave to go and collect my prescription from the Doctor's surgery two parcels arrived at 4.30pm. I got one from Purplelinda and one from Texere. I still have another parcel from Texere to come and that is the one with the extra 2 balls that I need to finish crocheting my sweater and two colours that I have ordered for baby B.

As I had liked the outcome of the Cinnabar cardigan in the King Cole Riot DK I ordered another two colours of it. This time around I ordered 5 balls of each colour as the jacket was such a tight squeeze with only 4 balls. On the photo the colours look very similar but in real life the one on the right has russets and olive greens in it whereas the one on the left is a mix of dark reds and maroons. It's hard to show the colours in the balls but once they are crocheted I am sure that they will look very different. I also ordered another ball of the Orange Reflections with the gold thread in it as I decided that one ball would not make a shawl for me.

From Purplelinda I ordered the King Cole Mirage in the shades of purple with green. Once again I have bought 5 balls along with 2 balls of bright red in Patons Fab DK to make another cardigan or a sweater for Baby B.

From Purplelinda I ordered 3 pattern booklets. I will photograph what it in them tomorrow so that you can see all of the contents. The Turtleback Jackets have just got the two patterns in the booklet that you can see on the photo but I will take a photo of the back views of them tomorrow. I would call them more of a shrug. They are nice openwork ones that will look good in the summer or in the winter over a plain sweater. As they fit quite loosely I think that they will be flattering to wear for a fuller figure like me. It might give me the illusion of having a waistline. I have only got one shawl fastener so I must keep an eye out for a couple of different designs in different colours. The one I have is black and that won't look too good on a light coloured shrug.

I have finished the blue cardigan for Baby B but am not starting any more until I get feedback about the size as I think that although the chest size looks right it looks as though it is rather long in the body and the arms look way too long. I wanted to experiment with stash wool so that when the new wool arrives I will have the size right for him. I won't be doing the mock ribbing again as although it is faster for me to knit I don't like the overall look of the doubled ribbing. I tried it just to see how it would look. I think that I will stick to the hand knitted ribs in future.

Tonight I will crochet the last ball into my lilac sweater and hope that the remaining 2 balls turn up tomorrow so that I can finish it off. I like the James C Brett Rio DK but it doesn't have a good yardage at all. Also it has worked up thicker than my usual DK. It will make a lovely warm sweater for the winter though and I just hope that the different dye number won't show too badly when the wool arrives.

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