Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back To A Doris Chan Design Again

After searching through my patterns for a jacket for myself I decided once again on the Cinnabar by Doris Chan from the Everyday Crochet Book. Although I have made this jacket quite a few times none of them were for me. I am using Riot DK by King Cole that I bought from Texere Yarns. It is turning out quite bright so not sure how I will feel about it for myself when it is finished. As the wool is finer than the one suggested for the pattern I am using a smaller hook (5mm) to get a nice tension for the wool but I have had to up the size of jacket that I am crocheting to a 50" chest to compensate for it coming out smaller than it should. I am also adding a couple extra plain rows before I divide for the sleeves as I am quite heavyset in the shoulder area. I am always messing about with patterns, especially the US ones, when I am not sure of the exact thickness of the wool I am supposed to be using. I have certain hook sizes that I like to use for certain thicknesses of wool.My comfort zone so to speak.

I think that is why I am struggling so much with that fine shawl. I want to either drop the hook size by a couple of sizes but then it would be too small or use a thicker wool such as a 4ply but that will make the shawl come out larger. I am really unhappy when I am crocheting ( or knitting for that matter) using hooks and needles that I feel are overly large for the wool that I am using. I know that is the point of the fine shawls. Using a large hook to make a cobweb texture but an overlarge hook slows me down to a crawl and the work is so loopy that I keep crocheting into the wrong stitch or loop and don't see the mistake until have done another couple of rows after. I am so sick of unravelling a couple of rows for every three that I crochet. I want to persevere and make it but every time I look at it I shudder as I know that I have another 2 rows to unpick before I can resume my crochet.

It's funny that I should be having doubts about wearing multi coloured wool. I love crocheting with it as I am looking forward to the next colour change that I crochet a lot faster with coloured wool than I do with plain. Beverooni and I were having a conversation via e mail about this subject. It's funny how much we think alike. Bev always says we were separated at birth by an ocean. We have found out that we have similar tastes in such a lot of things. Thanks for the link in your comment Bev I will take a look as I am determined to master my Tunisian Crochet tension problems.

Bev and I were also discussing how there are hardly any patterns for bags for mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Well there aren't many on Ravelry. I think that we should design our own line in bags that button onto chair arms or hang on the handlebars of a scooter. I saw a knitted felted lap bag on Ravelry that fastens under the knees so that it doesn't slip off as you drive along. I am off my knitting and it breaks my heart to felt anything so I will have to work out a crochet version. I know that wool will get wet if it rains but if the bags buttoned on and off they would easily be dried. I think that we should start a few designs for longer backed jackets or capes that won't ride up at the back whilst we are seated that will keep our knees warm without falling off like a lap blanket would. I shall have to put my thinking cap on. I can feel a few prototypes coming on. It's hard enough concentrating on the steering without having to stop and retrieve a blanket that has slipped off.

Today it hasn't rained so far. It was bright and sunny this morning and Buster and I played ball in the garden until it went dark and rainy. It brightened up again for a while but it's now gone colder than it was this morning and I can hear thunder in the distance so am just waiting for the rain to fall. I never know what to wear. This morning I wore trousers and a fine sweater and I had to change as I was too hot. Now I am too cold in my vest top and cut off pants and have put on one of my shawls. I can't win! I don't think that Buster will be going out this afternoon. Riding on my scooter is like doing a rain dance ;-) Oh no. Here comes the heavy rain now so I am going to make a coffee and to do a bit more crochet. Sorry Buster - no walk today.


Ana Luisa said...

he he...the joys of weather. ;)
I really liked th way your mistake shawl came out, do put up a pattern of how you did it. :)
The cardi you've started looks so nice, and simple!
have a good day.

Enid said...

Jan, have you thought of a travel rug with velcro fastenings. That would stay in place, but still allow you to manouvre.
I agree with Ana, the colours look great!!!

June said...

Really love the colours of your new jacket. They remind me of Noro, only not half as expensive.