Friday, 13 August 2010

Thank Goodness For Crochet

Thank goodness for my crochet. I don't know what I would so without it. I have woken up to yet another rainy miserable day plus it's Friday the 13th to add to my misery. What would I do with my days if I didn't have my crochet to keep me happy? Certainly not the TV unless I want to watch re-runs of everything or some infernal cookery programme, a game show or worst of all an American style 'Slanging match' chat show. Who on earth would want to appear on TV and air their dirty laundry in public?

I got my labels for the crochet garments, that I give away, to try and hint not to shrink my handmades in the washer.I was intending to put them into the shawls, made from donated stash, that I had planned to give to a senior citizens home but I have hit a snag there. I have found out that the staff put everything in the washer so if I make any more shawls I will have to make sure that they are in acrylic. I will keep the two shawls that I have already made and donate them to someone that I know will hand wash them. I am pleased with the labels. They fold in half so my name is on one side and wash care instructions on the back. Now I know what size they are I can put other things on them if I order more labels. These came from and cost £10 for 100. I may possibly change the wording to handmade and then I can put them in the few knitted things that I make. I won't put the labels in friends and relatives garments as I know that they can wash them properly. The labels are for the things that I give away and am not sure how that person or organisation will wash them.

I have finished the body of the 1-2yrs old matinee coat style jacket. I just have the sleeves to make and then I will try to either get to the post office on Monday or bribe the teenager from next door to take the parcel up there for me if the old knees are still feeling dodgy.

I am not sure if Buster is coming this weekend or next. I have sent a text to my son but as he is probably in bed (he works funny shift hours which is why I don't ring him ) and will answer when he gets up. I didn't get up until 10.30am today so I can't call anyone who stays in bed! I seem to do that. I can have two or three nights where I get hardly any sleep and then sleep the clock around on the next night. If Buster isn't coming until next week then I might try to get the baby things up to Sylvia's myself.

I am going to crochet the sleeves on the cardigan,make a coffee, put some music on, and try not to look at the rain hammering it down the windows. It has now gone so dark that I need the light on. What a great day!!!!


Ana Luisa said...

Your profile photo is very nice, also the "other" one with the shawl. Was that for the calendar?
You have done a wonderful job on the shawl and the baby jumper, and let's hope the weather clears up for you.
Have a great weekend!

June said...

Pretty little baby jacket Jan and your shawls are lovely. Someone is going to be lucky to get one from you. Hope the weather clears up where you are for the weekend.

Posy Linda said...

Jan, I believe your shawls would be great for another charitable group. Maybe a women's shelter or donate it for an auction. They are really beautiful. I hope the weather brightens up for you soon.