Saturday, 28 August 2010

Crochet Today Sept/Oct Issue

I didn't get any wool deliveries today but I did get my copy of Crochet Today Magazine Sept/October issue. As per usual with Crochet Today I find that there are to many nick knack patterns and not much that I will actually crochet. This issue I like the Tailored Blazer by Mati Lynn Patrick on the cover but I would make it with long sleeves as I wouldn't wear anything that thick with a short sleeve.

The grey Everyday Cardi by Robyn Chachula is one that I definitely will make. It has very neat raglan type shaping and could come in useful over a fine sweater in the winter.

Although I like the red Perfect Pullover by Drew Emborsky I feel that a whole sweater made from around the post crochet is more suited to someone slimmer and not someone my size. This stitch does make a rather bulky sweater.

As I am past the age where I bother with Halloween the hats are of no interest to me. I don't think that the UK goes as mad over Halloween as the US does. Personally I am an old misery at Halloween. I don't open my door after dark to anyone unless I am expecting them and I don't want to encourage all that sugar consumption with all the candy bars.

The cushions throws, pot holders and afghans are things that occur in most editions of Crochet Today. I am sure that some people will find them interesting but they don't inspire me. Once again a crochet book with only 2 things that I would make. The upsetting thing is that I have heard that the new edition of Interweave Crochet has 7 knitted items in it. OK I have heard that they have crochet edgings but that is not what I buy a crochet book for so I will feel cheated when that book arrives. I always look forward to Interweave crochet coming as there are always things in it that I like. Now my chances are reduced by 7. On Ravelry lots of people have complained so I do hope that the magazine takes heed and doesn't add knitting on a regular basis. There are dozens of knitting magazines and so few crochet ones that I do feel annoyed that they have to diminish the crochet patterns in favour of knitting trimmed with crochet. As usual crochet has been relegated to second class craft just when I thought that times were getting better for us crocheters.

I am crocheting away on the No Sweat pullover but this time I am sure that I will need to buy at least one more ball of wool. I am doing my usual trick of crocheting the sleeves before the body is completed and I will have used 4 balls when the second sleeve is finished. There is no way that 2 balls will finish the rest of the body so I had better go online and buy another ball or two. As it is Bank Holiday and the post won't arrive until Tuesday I will crochet all of the wool up before I order any more.

I am thinking of getting my simple DK and chunky machine down from the loft. Yesterday my Foster Carer friend got a phone call that the little one that she had for 14 months has come back into the foster care system and he arrived back to her last night without many clothes. It is all hands to the needles for him but it would help if I could run up a couple of plain cardigans or sweaters quickly so that he can have some woollies to wear.


Enid said...

Jan, let me know his chest size, I been donated a load of cardis that may fit.

pattas said...

I am so wrapped in the jacket you are crocheting and to think you can crochet the sleeves before the body is a bonus :))