Friday, 6 August 2010

New Ball? Hmmm Tasty

I seem to be having to share my new recliner. It provides a good look out point for Buster to survey the street so every time I get off my chair Buster gets on it! I gave him one of the new balls and in five minutes he had chewed it until it looked like this. It still bounces but as you can see Buster has reverted back to the half chewed squashed ball that used to have a squeaker in. Needless to say the squeaker lasted about a day before he destroyed that as well.
I did manage about 4 rows of the shawl last night. I had a minor hiccup when I knocked over the standard lamp that gives light over my chair but my son managed to sort it out for me. He had to screw it all back together and put a new fuse in. When I looked at the crochet this morning I realised that once again there was a slight mistake a couple of rows back. I think that not only should I attempt to crochet this when Buster is not around but also in daylight as I make my mistakes in the electric light. I said when I started this shawl that it would be a pick up and put down project. At the moment it is put down. I am doing a bit of knitting on the blue hooded baby jacket instead.
I don't get much of anything done as not only do I have to play ball with Buster in the garden I have to keep retrieving his ball from under the recliner. It's a new game for Buster called let's see if I can jam the mechanism with my ball. When the chair is reclined he pushes the ball underneath and then I can't get the chair down again as he is half underneath it and I am scared of trapping his paws. It's such a good game for him but not for me.
Is it any wonder I can't concentrate on anything much?
The weather is rainy once again so I spent the morning browsing through the free Lion Brand knit and crochet patterns on Ravelry They have some nice patterns and of course I have saved so many of them that I will have to crochet until I am at least 100 to make even half of my Ravelry saved patterns. Some of them are quick chunky crocheted shawls which will come in useful when I start making the shawls to donate at Christmas. I don't mind making fine shawls for myself and my family but it's the quicker the better when it comes to donations. I would rather make a dozen shawls that will keep people warm than one decorative shawl that is very pretty but is for decoration only.
Buster is having a barking fit at my next door neighbours. He takes his house guarding very seriously and includes every house that he can see in his guard duties. At least I know if there is anyone lurking about. I suppose I had better distract him with yet another game of catch in the back garden.


Posy Linda said...

Your Buster looks sweet. You come to mind when I see lacy crocheted items like Sophie Digard, etc. It must take a great deal of patience to work with such fine yarns. I'm envious. Have a wonderful, happy weekend!

Sonja said...

Aw, Buster has such a nice mama to let him sit in her perch. My Mac is the same way. Always looking out the window, when not removing squeakers from his toys. Our pals make for cozy crochet buddies, too. Love your blog!

pattas said...

I love reading your blog. Buster is a great pal, and they don't ask for much, never complain, and NEVER, talk back LOL..
Thanks for sharing your day and your craft with us..

June said...

I have to laugh when I see Buster taking over your new recliner chair. That is just typical of dogs, they love their comfort, my dog Toby is just the same.