Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My Wool Order Has Arrived

Only a crocheter or a knitter can understand the excitement of a wool delivery. Even though I chose it and ordered it I still get a big buzz when it actually arrives and I can squish it, fondle it and stroke it. Ordering online is OK but you can't beat the enjoyment of seeing it in real life before buying it. I had been able to see these first hand when my friend Sue called last week to show me her new purchases. She had bought hers from Coats Crafts in Ramsbottom but as I can't get up there under my own steam I ordered mine online from Texere.

I was feeling a bit miserable when I first got up as I had walked to Tesco and back yesterday and my knees were protesting loudly last night and this morning. So today is a rest up and crochet day.
The wool that I ordered is 3 shades of Classic Collection Reflections Angoragold Batik DK in Blue, Grey and Brown. It is a quite fine DK and the ball looks quite large as it has approx 850 metres on it. The Orange and the Green are also Reflections but with a metallic thread. Hard to see the metallic in the photo as it is quite subtle.There is less on the ball with these as the metallic thread must weight heavier. There is approx 550 metres per 100 gram ball. The lady from Texere was really nice. I had originally ordered the metallic in the pink and she phoned me to say that it was out of stock and read out all the colours that they did have in stock so I chose the orange. She told me that they now stock all of the five colours with the metallic thread but just haven't updated their web site yet. The Reflections cost £4.99 a ball and my friend Sue has made small shawls with just one ball for each so that isn't bad for a present for someone.
The King Cole Riot DK is for me. I just cannot resist bright jazzy colours. There is only 294 metres per ball so I bought 4 balls. I think this will probably end up as one of Doris Chan's designs for myself. This wool was about £3.50 a ball but it is 30% wool so that means I will probably make a jacket rather than a sweater as I can't wear wool right next to my skin. No matter how good the quality of wool, angora, merino it is I still itch and get a red rash if it touches my bare skin. Luckily I can wear wool on my feet although I have to make short legs on my socks or I get a red rash on my ankles.
I only did a couple of rows on the shawl for charity last night before I fell asleep in the chair. Hopefully I will get more crochet done today as I plan on doing absolutely no housework ( except the dishes) and just rest my knees. Time to get dressed and start the day I think. I am going to resist starting something with this new wool - well at least I think that I am LOL


June said...

Oh! I absolutely love your new wool. Such gorgeous colours. I can see that I will have to buy some of that. How long are you going to resist starting something new with it.........not very long, I think.

pattas said...

Just beautiful colours, they make the heart sing... I look forward to seeing the end product. :))

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous -- yes, the wool. But even more so is your new picture of YOU!

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

Enid said...

I second Beverooni's comments!!!

crazymotheringchick said...

That new wool is gorgeous, I think the orange is beautiful.

What a nice new picture of yourself. The shawl you are wearing is beautiful.

Posy Linda said...

Oooh yes, very pretty yarn. Its like receiving a special present, yes?

marg41 said...

Just love your beautiful photo Jan.
Also love the gorgeous wool.
I guess we are going to see some great crochet in the not too distant future.