Monday, 2 August 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

I was trying to create one of those mini shawls or shawlettes but it hasn't quite worked out the way I had it planned in my mind. On Ravelry there are dozens of patterns for these mini shawls but they are all knitted in very fine wool. The only crochet pattern I could find was one started edge to edge but with a very uninspiring pattern stitch. I used 2 x 50 grams of Rowan Cashsoft DK for the one that I made and am hoping that once it is blocked that it will sit better around the neck.
I am going to make a paper pattern using this shawlette as a guide but making it the shape that I want and try to follow this next time. Maybe this time I will be better starting from edge to edge instead of bottom edge upwards. I didn't bother to write down the pattern for this shawlette as I am not altogether happy with it.
I am, however, very pleased with the way that the Sweet Lorraine scarf by Doris Chan has blocked out. The Rowan Tapestry wool is shaded and I think that it gives a lovely Autumn look to the scarf. This is a pattern that I will be using again as it was so quick and easy to make. As it only took 2x 50 grams (long yardage on ball) I will be splashing out on good quality yarn like this to make some for Christmas gifts this year. Ideal to have a couple in stock for those people who you forget birthdays until it's too late to get anything..
I am still procrastinating about starting the laceweight shawl. Today's excuse is that I am hopefully going to the Kings Arms Knit Club if my niece doesn't forget me this week. I have sent her a reminder text this week as she requested. The lighting in the Kings is a little dim so I like to take something mindless to knit or crochet otherwise I finish up unravelling everything that I have done when I get home.
I didn't get up until 12.30pm today. My lack of sleep has been a fact of life for some time now but last night my leg creeps were worse than ever. Leg creeps is what I call it when I have restless legs and it feels like an army of ants is crawling all over my legs and I have to keep twitching them as they are so itchy. Last night I decided to try an anti histamine tablet in case it was something that I am allergic to. hey presto. I was asleep the minute I got into bed and slept right through without waking. Not only that but my nose was clear. My CPAP machine makes me produce a lot of mucus during the night (or so I thought) but I didn't have any this morning. Perhaps I am allergic to something. I will have to try to track down what it is. In the meantime pass me the anti histamine tablets every night. I hope that I don't sleep the day away every day though.
I need a shower but I am waiting for the gardener lady to arrive so that I can open the garage door and let her in the back garden. I can take my shower whilst she is mowing. She is the daughter of an old friend of mine so I have know her since she was a little girl so can safely leave her with all of the doors open whilst I shower.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I think it is beautiful. I really do and can't wait to see it wrapped around your neck. I bet it will look amazing.

Posy Linda said...

Sweet Lorraine. . . .great title for a lovely little scarf.