Sunday, 22 August 2010

Farmers Market

Today I went to the Farmers Market that comes to the precinct every now and again. I say I went but actually I should have said that we went. Buster has got so used to my taking him out with me when I go out on the scooter that when I set off this morning I had only got the first kerb when I heard him start to bark. He then set the 2 dogs off next door so there was a barking contest going on. I waited for a few minutes to see if he stopped barking but he didn't so I had to go back and get him.

He was leaping about and wagging his tail when I opened the door so I didn't have the heart to shout at him. He behaved very well considering that I had to put him on his lead. He didn't even growl when everyone wanted to pat him in the market. He just lapped up all of the attention. I think I have created a Prima Donna dog. (Or whatever the male equivalent of a Diva is called)

My son and daughter in law came to get him and they said I had spoiled him and they are not getting a scooter for him to walk beside ;-). He went off quite happily although he had to get a leg up into the back of the estate car. He pretends that he can't jump in.

I bought some lamb from the market for my freezer. It tastes so much better than the lamb from a supermarket. You can tell that it is really fresh. I gave my son a piece of lamb that they call a Lamb Henry. It's a sort of small joint with a bone in it. Not the leg or the shoulder. It doesn't have a lot of meat on it but there should be enough for the both of them. I don't know which part of the lamb it comes from but I cooked my last one in the oven like a leg of lamb and it was lovely and tender.

I also bought some gorgeous French bread. I couldn't get to the stall on my scooter thanks to the idiotic way that they had arranged the stalls in a circle around the fountain, They had put stalls across the entrance to the fountain so the only way in was across the water channel for the fountain which had a lip on either side and a channel of water that my scooter wheels could have got stuck down. I complained to one of the community staff and he kindly told the bread guy that I wanted some bread. I got service to my scooter by a handsome young man with a sexy French accent so it was almost worth not being able to get to half of the stalls. I gave my son a cheese bread that smelt absolutely heavenly. I said to him that the bread doesn't keep well as they make it without all the preservatives and he said don't worry this bread will be gone before I go to bed. I was a bit of pig myself as I have eaten a whole French stick (with a little help from Buster) Both the bread and the lamb cost more than they would have in a shop but I don't mind splashing out now and again on something that tastes so great. I have lamb chops and chump chops in my freezer to last me for a couple of weeks.

Sorry that the picture of the crochet is so dark but I took it in the electric light. The cardigan now almost has two sleeves.I haven't been able to do any today as we have been out to the market, done 4 loads of washing, and played ball in the garden all afternoon. Normal service has now returned to my household. I do love having Buster here but he does take a lot of time and create lots of cleaning for me. All the washing is the bedding, throws and cushions and covers that have finished up in the washer. I still have his bed to wash yet so I hope that it is fine tomorrow. I have left the floor mopping and the hoovering until tomorrow.

I am feeling better today. I even put make up on and did my hair. I think that it's a combination of a lot of things. Getting out and about and chatting to people is a lot of it, I hadn't realised just how isolated I had become before I got the scooter. All being well I should get to Knit Club tomorrow night so more people to chat to. The only way is up!


Debi Y. said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. :)

Lynn said...

I am so happy for you that you are feeling better and getting out. It is always nice to get out and I think the fresh air away from the house is uplifting for us. Great that you can go on your scooter alot of places, hope you get to your knitting group. I know I would go mad without the two I attend.

NancyLee said...

Hi Glad you were able to get out and about lifts the spirits so much. Love your blog check it everyday. What book did you get the top down sweater from thanks Nancy