Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Streets Are Not Paved With Gold

The streets are definitely not paved with gold. Well not the ones near me. They are paved with pot holes, tree roots on the surface, kerb edgings about 4" high and cars parked on the pavements so near to the wall that I can't get through, After Buster and I had been for a short walk/drive I decided to test out the scooter all the way to the shops. I think that I should get a high visibility jacket,a louder horn and perhaps a big flag as Beverooni suggested and just drive on the road. I felt like every bone had been shaken up inside my body and I discovered that if I hit a kerb on an angle I almost tip out of my seat. I was great though once I got to the shopping precinct. I was able to go into a lot of the shops, the doctors to pick up my prescription and also the pharmacy to get it filled. Oh the feeling of freedom.

I tried on my waterproofs from my dog walking days and I could only squeeze into them without any trousers or sweater underneath (which is not much good in the winter) so I have been searching online for a new set. I toyed with the idea of bright yellow or bright orange but as they are for men in my size they didn't come with a hood. I have settled therefore for a boring black set. Not very exciting it's true but flimsy enough to be folded and stored in the basket for sudden downpours. I refuse to buy one of those cape efforts. Not only are they very expensive they cover the scooter as well as me so not very easy to do any shopping as I would have to keep climbing out of it. I had to be rescued by a nice young man at one stage when my scooter hit a kerb and almost tipped me over. I wouldn't have minded so much but it was at a proper crossing point that supposedly had lowered kerbs. I won't be crossing over the road at that point again.

Buster has got quite used to walking with the scooter now especially now since I have mastered how to crawl along instead of zooming and leaving him behind. He is not impressed with my writing this blog as you can see. He wanted me to play ball with him so I distracted him with a treat. He is now trying to lick every last trace of the treat from his front legs whilst giving me soulful looks in between.

The shawl is almost finished. The ball that I used must have been at least a 200 gram ball of 4ply as I only have one row of picot edging to crochet and there is still a lot on the ball. As you can see because of my boo boo it has come out huge compared to the pattern. I have resisted trying it on until it really finished. It will be interesting to see how it looks with my big size mistake. It will certainly wind around my neck a few times. It is a cross between a long scarf and a shawl.

Thank you everyone for your kind words about my best friend Pearl. I feel so much better just going out and about even for a short time. The lad from next door was fascinated with it and has christened it my granny mobile and wants to help me to customise it. Says that I need 'cool' stickers on it. He wanted to race me up to the shops.

My bag for the back of the seat should arrive tomorrow so I will be able to shop for a few more things next time. I keep looking at Pearl and wondering if I could crochet a bag to fit just here - or maybe just there. By the time I have finished with it it will be festooned with crochet bags and pouches on every available hanging space. I saw a sort of cushion affair in one of the disability books that had long side pieces that went over each chair arm like saddle bags. Almost like the things that you can keep the TV remote in on your armchair so you don't lose it. Needless to say I am already thinking that I could make something to store my waterproofs in pockets hanging on the chair arms on either side of me so that they are always with me and not taking up valuable shopping space in my basket. Whirr Whirr, My mind is whirring. I must settle down to finish the shawl/scarf tonight as I haven't picked up a hook all day. I will settle back down again once the novelty of Pearl has settled down and Buster has gone back home again.


Posy Linda said...

I wonder...how would Buster look seated on Pearl. Great idea about the flag.

pattas said...

I know exactly how you feel about being tipped out of your scooter.. But you will excuse me if I have a smile on my dial... You see visiting the zoo in Perth West Australia, my hubby, new to wheel chairs and me well ... we hit a pot hole and the Bears thought their lunch had arrived. :)) Buster would love to sit on the back of Pearl what a hoot...reckon we should have a pic of that.. Take care..Pat in tas :))