Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Not Much Crochet Done Today

I am having a bit of a crochet hiccup, stutter or whatever it is called. I want to crochet but can't seem to settle to anything today. I don't know what it is. Whether I am not happy with what I am making and it is not inspiring me or whether I have just gone off my crochet today.
As you can see the red shawl isn't really progressing. Everytime I lay it down my eyes are drawn to another bit that doesn't look quite right. I can see one stitch that doesn't look quite right in the photo now. I am getting very sick of pulling rows back. I like the pattern but I will make it in 4ply next time. I know that it will make a thicker shawl but at least it will be easier to see which loop my hook is supposed to be going in. I am used to my loops being a tighter tension and it being obvious where to put the hook next and not a sprawling mass of slack loops. I am going to use laceweight on a much finer hook next time. Sometimes working on a larger hook doesn't make anything grow faster. Well not in my case. I like the work at a certain rhythm when I crochet and I cannot get this rhythm right if I feel that my hook is too large for the project. I am crocheting very slowly like a learner and pulling back so many rows. I think that this shawl is destined to be a long WIP.
I started the pink shawl for charity at Knit Club last night as I can almost make the All Shawl by Doris Chan in my sleep. I can crochet away without thinking what I am doing. I am using some donated Shalimar wool but I think that I will have to find a toning shade for the edging as I only have 6 x 25 gram balls and the wool is disappearing fast. That is the only problem with using donated stash that has come from someone elses elderly stash. Still it will go to a good home eventually and the shawl is meant to keep an elderly person warm and not be a fashion statement.
I am making another of the lacy baby cardigans and have started it and finished the bottom sidways pattern. I didn't take it with me to Knit Club as I wanted something mindless to crochet as I chatted.
It was a great night at the Kings Arms Knit Club last night. Quite a few people were there and we all had a good laugh. Perhaps because I can't go all of the time it makes the times that I do go all the more special.
I am going to do some food shopping now and so I won't be crocheting this afternoon. Hopefully this lethargic mood will pass after a bit of fresh air and I will be crocheting like a demon when I get back home again.


Enid said...

Jan, I know what you mean about very fine yarn; made so many mistakes that I only use it for charity squares. the pattern is very pretty, and will look lovely when finished.
hope you feel better, soon

Posy Linda said...

Goodness, I can't imagine working with such fine yarn. Just not ready for it. One day.