Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shawlette after blocking

Although the shawlette looks better after blocking it really isn't long enough to wrap around and tie. I didn't write this pattern down as I had a feeling that it wasn't quite right. It is wearable so I won't unravel it. I think that I will need 3 x 50 grams to make another one or use finer wool. This one took 2 x 50 grams of Rowan Cashsoft DK. I might start a second one from edge to edge instead of point upwards in order to make it a better shape. I need to make another one before I try it out in some of my lovely sock wool that I have in stash. I would hate to get half way through and discover that one skein just isn't enough as some of my stash is hand dyed and one of a kind.
I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club last night and whilst it was great to see everyone there that I hadn't seen for a while the light in there is pretty dim for doing anything complicated. I started another baby knitted jacket as the back is in stocking stitch and I can more of less do that by heart without the need of a strong light. Once again I am using a golden oldie pattern and the wool is James C Brett DK. I think that Sylvia and I should have shares in James C Brett as we use it so often. Yes I know starting a baby jacket is an excuse for not starting the fine shawl but I really can't concentrate and chat at the same time especially in poor lighting.
I was surprised today to get a visitor. Sue rang to say that she was calling around. I like her visits as she is a crochet fanatic like me and we have a real crochet chat whenever she calls around. I show her my new pattern books and she makes me jealous with all the gorgeous wool that she is making shawls with. Today's wool was shaded, slightly fluffy with a hint of gold lurex in it. She had bought one ball each of 5 different shades. One was blue, one pink, one green the other beige/brown shaded. I have forgotten what the other shade was. One ball makes a small shawl and she paid about £5 a ball so it would make lovely economical shawls for ladies for Christmas. Yes I know the C word. But it really isn't that far away if you have a big family to crochet and knit for.
Apparently Sue has found this mill that sells such gorgeous wool at really reasonable prices so I am looking forward to one day going with her for a browse around. We were going to go yarn browsing after my op but I am trying to persuade her to go before my op as it could be September or October before I go in and I could be in a worse state afterwards to go yarn shopping. I really would like to get some nice wool in stock for my Christmas presents. Yes I know that I have a large stash of my kind of plainish wool but this is special wool for presents.
I am not sure if I will start the shawl tonight but as it is 8pm already and I want to watch a bit of TV I may wait until the daylight to get the pattern started and set in my mind. I like to start a pattern that I have not used before when it is quiet and the TV is off. I find that I can concentrate and count much better then.
I think that my postman must be on strike as I haven't even had any junk mail since Thursday. No mail at all is very unusual for me and I haven't even seen him on the street. I will probably get a huge pile of post tomorrow now I have said this.


Anonymous said...

I love it! But I too would probably like it a little longer so it wrapped around more but I think the pattern is just gorgeous. Please make another one. Pretty please.

Mad about Craft said...

We aren't getting as much mail as usual either,haven't been for a few weeks not that I miss it really, as it is generally junk mail but I have found it strange.

Posy Linda said...

Its really lovely, that shawlette of yours. Great color and great job!

Enid said...

Hi Jan, you may not be happy with size of shawlette, but it will be a nice draught excluder!!!
Well done all you have produced in past week. everything really lovely.
hmmm, glitzy yarn for Christmas would be nice...but I must resist as I wish to do visiting of friends
take care

Anonymous said...

looks good Jan:) Where is the mill?
We are off to Manchester tomorrow on the train:)
amber moggie

Enid said...

Whoops, I should have read thru' my comment before publishing. Sorry Jan didn't mean door draught excluder, should have added the word 'neck'
hope you realise that an insult wasn't intended