Sunday, 15 August 2010

Crochet Ribboned Baby Jacket Ready For The Post

The white crochet 4ply baby jacket is dry, The only ribbon that I could find today was a double sided satin ribbon with a picot edge that is really meant to be hair ribbon. It fits through the eyelet holes quite tightly and the picots will make it hard for the baby to pull the ribbon out. I found it hard enough to thread it through so I hope that her little fingers can't manage to drag it out. Babies and ribbons are not a good combination. The pattern is a newish one that I bought online from Purplelinda. I am sure that your LYS will stock it if they stock Sirdar.

I am up to the part on the shawl where I add the side wings on. Yes I have seen the missed block on the left hand side. It's funny how the minute I take a photograph of any of my work mistakes glare out at me. In my defense I was crocheting in the garden whilst entertaining Buster by throwing his ball for him so it's easy to get distracted. He still hasn't lost the squeaker out of his new ball so I bet all of my neighbours loved me for the constant squeaking noise as they were trying to catch some rays in their gardens. My gardener will love him when she comes to mow my lawn tomorrow as he has dug a big hole in the lawn at the edge whilst trying to retrieve his ball from a bush.

I need to get some scales that weigh wool. I had no label on the wool that I am using and it is such a big ball that it must have been more than a 100 gram ball. I will have to try to weigh the shawl as best I can when it is finished to find out just how much it has taken. This is my trial run shawl before I use any better quality wool.

I have parcelled up the little white jacket, the blue hooded jacket and the autumn coloured scarf. All I need now is to hail a passing neighbour tomorrow and see if they are going anywhere near the Post Office. My next door neighbour's daughter would have taken it for me but she is away for a few days with her Dad. Her Mum said that she might be going up near the Post Office but will let me know tomorrow. The Post Office is no-where near the precinct. It is set away up the road on it's own. There have been several campaigns to try to get it moved nearer but as it's also a sorting office I doubt if that will ever happen. Once I get my mobility scooter then I will be able to zoom up there myself. My son doesn't seem to be having much success in getting me one as he never seems to find his friend, who sells them, in. I might have to resort to getting one myself but I will have to wait for my niece to come back from her holidays to take me to the mobility shop.

As for my knees today I think the least said the better. All I can say is creak creak ,ouch, ouch.

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Posy Linda said...

The little jacket is perfect. Best of luck on the scooter.