Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Am Dog Sitting For A Week

I have company for the next week. Buster is here to keep me company. I am not sure who looks after who. He is a very intuitive dog and seem to know that I can't do certain things any more and has a lot of patience with me. He waits until I get up or down the stairs before he sets off after me. Before I had these mobility problems he would just dash down the stairs and push past me.

I have finished the white crochet baby jacket. It is drying outside on the blocking boards. I haven't crocheted one sleeve longer than the other honestly. It's just the angle that I took the photograph. It needs it's ribbon at the waist and then it is finished. I crocheted the 1 -2 yrs size but it has come out more a generous 2yrs old size than the 1-2 yr size. At least it will fit the little girl a bit longer and probably still fit her next summer. I have found that Sirdar patterns seem to jump such a lot in size from 6-12 months and 1-2yrs. Everything increases by lots more. For example the 2 first sizes have 1/2" difference between the sleeve lengths and yet the 1-2 yrs size goes up by 1.1/2" instead of another half inch.

I have started the small granny shawl from Inside crochet. I am just using some unknown 4ply from stash as I want to see how it fits before using my sock wool stash goodies on it. It is another easy pattern so far so if it turns out OK I may make it in double knitting for my charity shawls.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on what to do with the hand wash only shawls. I will find a good home for them before the end of the year. Whether it be a donation to a raffle or someones elderly relatives. I still have some mohair or mohair type in the stash so will probably make some more hand wash shawls before Christmas.

The sun is shining today and I have managed to dry some washing outside. The weather probably won't last but hey ho at least I have had one day of sunshine even though it isn't particularly warm.

I apologise if you are having trouble leaving me any comments on the blog. I have been plagued with anonymous spam type messages during the last couple of weeks so I have had to change my settings. I have managed to catch most of them and delete them as I don't want anyone to click on any dodgy links thinking that I have OK'd them. I don't think that you would have clicked on the last two as one was for driving lessons and the other one for business cards. It's not just me who gets targeted. I have heard lots of my blog friends complaining about the same thing happening to them.

I doubt if much crochet will get done this week as Buster has a brand new ball with a squeaker and he is driving the neighbours mad with it on the lawn at the moment. I doubt if the squeaker will last longer than today but he is having a whale of a time with it. One set of neighbours has gone out and the other sets boys drive me mad by kicking a football against the dividing wall for hours on end so I don't feel too much sympathy for them.

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Posy Linda said...

Have fun with Buster! He seems to be a sweetheart.