Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I Love Parcel Deliveries

I love it when the postman calls with parcels for me. Today I got my clothes order a day early. I have only taken a photo of my new ankle boots. I also bought 2 new bras (which I am not going to model) a couple of plain skirts and trousers. As I mentioned before they are very basic design but black and navy will be a great basic for a lot of the tops and sweaters that I already have. I got so sick of my old trousers being too tight on the legs as well as the waistband. These trousers are made of stretch material so have a lot of give on the knees when I sit down. I love the boots. They fasten with a Velcro touch fastening so are so easy to slip on. I had an introductory offer of 20% off everything for my first order which is why I ordered more than I would have done usually. Fifty Plus is a catalogue so I will be able to pay for my garments bit by bit over the coming months.

The Cinnabar hasn't progressed much since yesterday and I have a feeling that I will have to order another ball to finish it off. NancyLee I am using a pattern from the Everyday Crochet book by Doris Chan. I bought mine a couple of years ago through Amazon books and they have it in stock at the moment at a reduced price. In my opinion it is her best book so far. If you want to try a top down cardigan then Doris Chan has a free pattern on Ravelry called Lacy Top Cardigan in NY Yarns Cotton. Is very similar in design to the Cinnabar that I am making but has a more openwork pattern.

Once again I will express my thanks to my on line friends who leave me comments. Over the last few months they have been a life line to me just knowing that someone out there takes an interest in me and my work. It really has helped me through on my bad days. I tend to do my blog reading in blocks rather than every day so even though I don't always comment I do read your blogs.

My second delivery was Crochet Designs for girls and boys by Lucinda Guy. The patterns are very quirkily presented on cartoon type drawn figures rather than using real life models. It give the book an unusual twist to it. I have chosen some of the garments to put on my blog today. The rest of the patterns I will put on tomorrow. I love all the little accessories that make the pattern that bit more unusual. The sizes vary from age 2 up to age 6 yrs. I was expecting a delivery, a different pre ordered book and my waterproofs, so maybe I will have another nice surprise tomorrow.

I had a good time at the Kings Arms Knit Club last night. It's good to be able to have a chat with like minded people. I can't go next week as the pub doesn't open on Bank Holidays. My niece won't be able to take me down there once she goes back to work after the holidays so I will need to get a taxi when I want to go again. I didn't get a lot of crochet done but it doesn't matter as I go for the social atmosphere as much as anything.

I have finished off the bedrooms and hoovered the stairs and my front room but now I need 40 winks like an old biddie. My recliner is calling to me for a short snooze.


Ana Luisa said...

you must love the postie! Always so nice to get something through the mail. :)
Hope you're feeling better and the weather is good. Today is sunny here, so it might get a bit warm later in the day.
The pattern book for children does look interesting. Thanks for sharing!
BTW, love your boots. ;)

June said...

I know just what you mean about getting a parcel by post, it always seems more exciting than going to the shops and buying things. I really like your boots. Glad you were able to get to your knitting club Jan.

marg41 said...

Love the boots, very flash! The pattern book is delightful, and I am sure you will get a lot of pleasure making the beautiful garments. Glad you had a good time with your knitting club, I wish we had one here, as you said, it is nice to be with like minded people.

Healthcare Courier Services Provider said...

Looks like you love surprises It is always nice to receive parcel deliveries. Love the items. :)

Sienna Martin said...

Receiving parcels is always a good experience. It is totally understandable if you feel excited about receving a package that contains lovely items.