Thursday, 5 August 2010

2 Rows Forward One Row Back

I am progressing very slowly with this shawl. I am finding it so difficult to know where the loops of the previous row stitches are and keep going into the wrong hole. When I looked at yesterdays photo I realised that it was out of line at the left hand side so had to take several rows back. Today I have taken another photo and realised that I am a stitch out right in the centre of the pattern. Fortunately this time it is only one row to unravel. This was the story all of last night. I would crochet a couple of rows and then see a mistake and unravel it. It's one of those projects where stopping every row and inspecting it is turning out to be essential.

I just can't get used to the spidery yarn on such a big hook. If the tension was firmer then I would have no problem with it. No problem finding out which hole the next stitch goes into. I have now changed hooks once again to an acrylic hook which is clinging to the wool better then the metal hooks did. This is the reason why I have so many different hooks of the same size. Some hooks work better with certain fabrics. The only hooks that I cannot use are those Brittany Birch with the carved wooden handles. They dig into my palms and wrists. They may look very pretty but I just can't work with them. I also can't work with hooks that have a flattish hook end as the wooden and bamboo ones usually do. I think that everyone has their personal preferences for hooks as I know many people who prefer the Brittany Birch and won't use anything else. I did try with the Clover hooks but I found that the handle part was too flat and in the wrong place for me as it made the hook part too short. I must crochet low down on the shaft of the hook.
My main problem with this shawl is that I just cannot get a rhythm going. I feel like I am crocheting in slow motion as normally I crochet quite quickly and this project is slowing me down to a learner speed. I keep hoping that once the pattern is set in my head ( it is quite an easy one to follow) I will instinctively know when it looks wrong without finding out several rows later. Once I see a mistake then I have to pull it back. I don't know how I will feel though with this shawl if I get almost to the end and then discover a howler. I think that I will just sit and sob if that happens.
I got up very late once again. I am sure that it must be the anti histamine tablets that I am taking although I did buy a supposedly non drowsy brand at the store yesterday. At least they are lessening the leg itches and twitches and I am eventually falling into a deep sleep. I still am having problems nodding off for an hour or more when I first go to bed. I am having 8 hours sleep (rare event for me) but from 2am until 10am instead of 12 - 8 am as I am supposed to.
The day is half over and the only thing that I have done is wash the dishes. I am such a lazy soul these days. I think that once again the weather is making me very lethargic. It's not actually raining today, as yet, but it still very dull and overcast.
I am not sure if Buster is coming tonight or tomorrow morning. He will put a stop to my sleeping late and my fine crochet. I won't be able to concentrate whilst he is around plus I don't want my shawl covering with loose dog hair.

No post again today but I did get about 5 bits of junk mail yesterday. My regular postman said that he had been off work for a few days so maybe that explains it. Not that I was expecting any mail of any importance but it's just strange when a day goes by without any mail even if it is junk mail.

Time for a shower and to see if I can revive myself to get some more crochet done this afternoon. Let's hope that today I can do more rows than I unravel!


Elzemhobby said...

Hello Lady.I am crochetoholic too.kısses.

Posy Linda said...

I imagine it would be difficult to work with such fine yarn. What you have worked up so far looks amazing.