Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Third Time Lucky?

Today I received a phone call from the hospital giving me another date for my operation. October 26th. Shall I write this in my diary or just wait for them to cancel it again. As 3 months will have gone by since my last pre op tests I have to go and have some more done. I have had 3 pre op tests done so far. Let's hope that they don't pick up on anything to give them an excuse to cancel my operation yet again !

I have finished the Cinnabar by Doris Chan from the Everyday Crochet Book. I haven't as yet blocked it but I think that I could have done with making it the next size up. It doesn't feel tight when I wear it but when I look at the photos I think that I would benefit from a larger size. I sewed on a fastener that I had in stash but I think that I will sew it lower down, more towards the waistline, as it seems to cut me in half at a funny angle, Taking photos is a good idea as it lets you see how it really fits.

The cardigan took 4 balls of King Cole Riot DK but I only had a few strands of wool left. I have ordered some more Riot wool from Texere in another colour but have ordered 5 balls this time so that I can make a larger size and a wee bit longer. I will probably use a different pattern next time and that may need more wool than this one did. I have also ordered another ball of the Orange Reflections with the lurex as I want to use it for a shawl and some Mirage DK by King Cole. Texere have an offer on for August where the postage is free so I might as well take advantage of their offer and increase my stash. I am still hoping to go and visit some mills with a friend to stash enhance as it looks as though I will be housebound towards Christmas. I won't be able to do much else besides knit and crochet although I am really glad that I have got the scooter for food shopping.

I have put the rest of the photos from Lucinda Guy Crochet designs for girls and boys on the blog. I think that there are a few designs that I will make from this book once I find children for them to fit. Most of the young ones are only babies and this book starts at 2-3 yrs.

Now then. what shall I start next? Time for another stash and pattern browse.


Neen said...

lovely on you well done

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Looks good Jan:) fingers crossed for the op

Debi Y. said...

The top turned out very nice - I love the clasp you used. :)

Good luck for the operation.

Anonymous said...

Jan, I like where the clasp is. Looks lovely on you.

What a darling book. I just love all the pictures in it. It's all your fault that there will be another charge on my credit card this month as I had to order it. ;-)

pattas said...

I love it Jan, the colours are fabulous, Your clasp looks like it is out of the movie "Lord of the Rings."
Heres hoping you get that op over and done with. :))