Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Style For You

As promised yesterday these are the photos from Style for You which is a Leisure Art publication from Caron. The sizes range from S- 3X so will cover most people.

The front cover is a Wrap Front Tunic Dress by Margret Wilson. I am not sure that I like the way this hangs and I think only the slim can get away with wearing it with a belt.

The Trapeze Sweaters by Gayle Dunn in the pink and the purple look like a very easy pattern to crochet. They are shown on the diagram as being really flared out at the bottom and whilst I do like a bit of shape in my sweaters I also like the illusion of having a waistline. I would have to amend it to make it less baggy at the bottom edge if I made it for myself.

The Swing Coats by Susan Shildmyer have got the same flare at the bottom but as they are longer jackets with a rolled collar I think that this shape would be flattering as it is worn open without fasteners.

The Modular Cardi Wraps are unmistakably Doris Chan. The photos doesn't show it up so well but they do have a pointed edge at the side and the coat is made up of rectangles stitched together,

I am not keen on the Shawl Collared Capes by Drew Emborsky. I think that it is mostly because they are made with two colours. I would like them better if they were in a single colour.

The blue Lacy Openwork Duster coats are again Doris Chan patterns, Not as shaped as her original Lace Duster as they appear to be straight up and down.

The Shawl Collar Ruana are another Drew Emborsky design. Not for my age group or figure I fear but I can see they would appeal to someone younger.

The Weekend Tunics by Leigh K. Nestor are worked in two colours although it is hard to see on the photos. They have a front panel in a plain colour with the rest of the sweater worked in a subtle shaded effect wool.

I will put photos of the Patons booklet on tomorrow. It would have been far too photo heavy had I put them all on today.

My other wool parcel hasn't arrived yet although I have had a confirmation e mail that it has been dispatched, Last night I crocheted the last ball of lilac that I have into the sweater so am now waiting for this third order for the 2 balls to finish the sweater.

I didn't sleep hardly at all last night and so got up and came downstairs around 4am. I started an aran for Big Legs from a Sirdar pattern book 225 called Baby in Aran. I am making the cardigan that is illustrated in pink but I am leaving the bobbles off it as I think bobbles look a bit girly.

I have got the correct measurements now for Big Legs and I was right the blue cardigan will be too long on the body and the sleeves. I am leaving the chest size the same as machine knitting doesn't have the same "give" that hand knitting does. As I have written down everything about the blue cardigan I will know for the next garments how many rows I need for the back and the sleeves. After that it will be easy to run up more - well at least until he has another growth spurt.


Anonymous said...

That book has some fun patterns in it, doesn't it? Have you decided if you will make one for yourself?

I think the new little sweater you have started is going to be really really nice. I love the stitch pattern.

Spundun said...

Oooh, looks like a lovely booklet, will have to look out for that one, I like the large coats!

The baby sweater is lovely!