Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Plus size Crochet - Part Two

As promised - the rest of the photos from the Plus Size Crochet book. I am sorry that your scoop neck cardigan didn't turn out right for you Bea. I will let you know what happens with mine should I decide to make that design.

Although I like the stitch pattern of the lime green lace pullover I would change the sleeves to longer narrower ones. Since I made my blue cardigan with the bell sleeves I have decided that any extra width that hits around the hip area is just not flattering for me.

The pink pocket cardigan is very basic and as such is not grabbing my attention at the moment. I don't think the addition of baggy pockets right on the stomach area is very slimming so I would make it without those. Another photos where the model is wearing a cardigan a couple of sizes too big for her.

I do like the design of the black and white sweater. I am not sure if I would make it in two colours though. I would maybe choose a nice patterned yarn instead.

The bag looks quite attractive but as you know I am not a fan of crochet (or knitted) bags as I am no good at sewing and they stretch beyond belief if they are not firmly lined. Plus the straps tend to carry on stretching when they are crocheted in the direction they are on the pattern.

The poncho definitely does not have any pizzazz for me. I personally think that it is awful. There is nothing about it that I like - sorry.

The orange cardigan is another example of a pretty cardigan being worn by a two sizes smaller model. I think this is where the comments on Amazon about the garments not being flattering come from. There are plenty of pretty plus size models so I am sure that they could have found one large enough to model these cardigans better.

The striped cardigan pattern I do like but I would choose more subtle shadings for the stripes. Those colours are a little too bold for me. They remind me of a deckchair although I do think that downward stripes make a flattering garment.

I like the turquoise aran style cardigan. Once again it is too big for the model but if you look past that I think that the design is a good one for autumn and winter months. I do like the swagger coat style. One for my to do list I think but I would hope that mine would fit me a bit snugger. Wearing clothes too baggy does not flatter anyones figure.

The elegant mohair shawl is a nice bigger size to fit anyone who is a plus size. It would be useful in the winter as a warmer or in a lighter colour to take on holiday for those colder evenings to put over a sundress.

Although I like the style of the short sleeve pullover the stepped edge is definitely not for me. I would make it as a conventional shape chaining all of the stitches on at the bottom edge. I think that it draws attention to the hips with the different length steps.

I am not that keen on the bow tie pullover. I have never been a fan of cutaway style patterns that reveal too much of what is underneath. Not for me I am afraid but still I do like a good majority of patterns in this book so I can't like them all.

I got a phone call today from the hospital. Providing that I pass my pre operative tests they are bringing my operation forward by a month. All being well I should be in toward the latter end of this month. I am not getting excited as yet as there are still a lot of things that could go wrong between now and then. I know that I sound pessimistic but they had issues about my weight at my last pre op test and I don't think that I have lost any weight since then.

The other book didn't turn up today even though it was posted out he same day as this book. Still I may have post tomorrow. Today I have finally finished the bands off on Baby B's aran cardigan and stitched on the buttons. I will post photos tomorrow.

Torrential rain again for most of today. It started to brighten up around 4pm so it was a bit late for doing any shopping. I prefer to go in the morning when there are less people in the shops as it makes it easier to navigate Pearl around the aisles.


crazymotheringchick said...

Thank you for all the pictures from this great book. I think I'll have to get on Amazon and order me one, now. LOL

I do like that black and white top, I think it's adorable. I would wear that. I also like the vertically striped one, and the stepped-edge one as well. Do I recognize that bag from another book, maybe it's called the Photographic Encyclopedia of Crochet or something like that? If not, it is very similar.

Good luck on your surgery. I hope it goes through for you, and you can begin to heal

CajunBlu said...

My best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery.  I hope arrangements have been made for someone to help you at home when you return.

Sometimes, when you have surgery, people tend to forget that you don't get well instantly.  They figure you are home so you must be okay.

Just take it real easy when you get home.  Park Pearl and tell her you'll be with her as soon as you can  :-)

Spundun said...

What a wonderful book - loads of really flattering designs! There really should be MORE!

Susan said...

I just love that Black & white Sweater!!!