Friday, 17 September 2010

A Great Day

I have had a great day out today. I had a ride up to Accrington in Rachael's (Artyarn) new car and spent the day crocheting leaves in Accrington Market Hall whilst Rachael was teaching people how to crochet.

There was no music today and it was a bit breezy every time the automatic doors opened but as I was tucked away near a pillar in my armchair I missed most of it although poor Rachael got quite cold. If you want to look a what we are doing then keep your eyes on the Artyarn blog (link is in my favourite blog list) as Rachael can explain much better than I can what it is all about. Tomorrow we are going up to the Art Gallery in Accrington where once again I will sit in style whilst Rachael does all the hard work. Ha Ha.

I was really looking forward to the homemade lasagne from the market cafe but as the lady explained they change the homemade menu every day so that it doesn't get monotonous. Today I had homemade meat pie with mash, cauliflower and carrots. I haven't tasted pie that good since my late mother made me one. I just do not have the right touch for pastry. Cakes I can manage but pastry - no.

I also went back to the old fashioned sweet shop and this time I got Liquorice tablets, Butterscotch tablets and some Rum and Raisin fudge. No wonder that I can't slim!

I called in Habiknits and picked up a bargain of the un labelled cream flat ribbon cotton. I am not sure what it is but it looks very much like something from Sirdar. It is a bargain at 89p a ball. I bought a couple of balls of three different colours last year from he Habiknits in Bury but when I went back they didn't have any more. I was overjoyed to find 10 balls in Accrington.

The pink Sirdar Silky Look DK is another bargain from Purplelinda. It is a bit paler than anything I have made for myself but I hope that it will look OK when crocheted. I am a great fan of Silky Look and it must still be a good seller as it is still in stock some 15 yrs after I used to stock it in my wool shop. Purplelinda are selling it for half price at £1.40p a ball but there are only the discontinued colours which are this pink a very pale green and a pale turquoise.

The baby patterns jumped into my basket as did the Silky Look. I was actually only ordering another ball of King Cole Riot. It's amazing what happens when you browse!.

My friend Sue surprised me with a visit whilst I was in the market. She had read on my blog where I would be and decided to surprise me. It was lovely to see her again. We live a bit of a distance apart and Sue works shift hours so I don't get to see her often. Another friend that I made through knit club. She brought her finished pale blue version of the Doris Chan pattern September Morn jacket for me to see. I also have the pattern but as per usual, haven't got around to it yet.

Three years ago I didn't know any knitters or crocheters and I now I can list quite a few people that I know who do one or the other. It's so nice to chat craft. I value my Internet friends for chit chat as well. Who would have thought I feel that I know so many people from all corners of the world. But for the Internet we would never have a chance to exchange ideas. I know that it has given me a new lease of life. I no longer feel like the lone crocheter of Manchester!

Tonight I hope to finish of the baby jacket that I am making in aran wool. I have made this one mainly plain with just a cable up the front. i think that I will just about make it with the left over aran I had from the 400 gram that I made the other aran from. I hope to get it finished so that I can give it to the baby when I visit Sylvia on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are such cute patterns and sound like you had a good time.

frou-frou said...

Hello I spotted your website through Purl city Yarns - are you as excited about it opening as I am!!!

You're certainly not the only crocheter in manchester. There's me and a few others out there :o)

Maybe see you in Purl City Yarns one day!

Fiona x

pattas said...

Beautiful patterns, so cute..What a lovely day you have had. I can just taste those lovely sweets :))

Mad about Craft said...

I just love the internet for allowing us to get together both on the internet and in reality. There are some of the cleverest ladies sharing their 'doings' and it is just wonderful to see.

Keep up that hooking as you contribute a large percentage of the lovelyness!!