Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I Don't Like Thunder and Lightning

As I am writing this loud thunder is overhead and the rain is torrential. The satellite TV has lost it's signal and I am trying to distract myself by writing the blog. I don't like thunder and lightning but as a small child I was petrified of it. Days like this remind me so much of my Dad. He knew how afraid I was and used to sit by the open back door with me cradled in his arms and tell me to watch the storm and tell me stories about God doing his housework etc until the storm passed. I remembered this when my son was really tiny and used to do the same with him even though I didn't like the storm myself. I suppose it's trying not to pass on your fears to your child. I learned from my Dad much later in life that he didn't like the thunder or lightning either and sat on the step with me so that I didn't inherit his fear of storms. Hey Dad - you did your best but I am still a complete wuss when it storms like this. The lightning is overhead and the rain is coming down too hard for the gutters to cope with and so I have a waterfall down the windows. The water has found it's way from the gutter down the windows onto the kitchen window sill now and I have a mini lake on my front driveway. Surely we can't be short of water now?

There must be a rainbow somewhere as the sun is starting to shine. It's been a weird day. Thank goodness I did my shopping yesterday and don't have to go out on Pearl today.

Last night was great. The food from the Thai Wu was great as per usual and I made a friend in the taxi driver who took me down there. He said that anytime I wanted to go to Bury or to Manchester shopping that he would take me and Pearl as he has one of those mini van type taxis and Pearl would fit into the boot easily. I did forget to take my camera and so sadly there are no photos of us or the food. I did get to sample lots of different kinds of dishes but my favourite has to be the duck with shredded veg on wafer thin pancakes with hoisin sauce. I found out that my second favourite is deep fried crab but I limited myself to two pieces as I try to avoid anything deep fried.

I haven't taken any photos of myself wearing the No Sweat sweater yet. When I thought about it today the light was so dark in the room (before the storm) that I decided to leave it for another day.

All that has got done today so far is finishing Little Leg's cardigan. I am sorry but the only buttons that I could find in red that were the right size are little red hearts. I don't think that he will be scarred for life though through wearing girly buttons. Sylvia is not a fan of fancy shaped buttons as they are a bit hard to fasten but the hearts have very smooth edges so should be OK.

I have picked up Big Leg's aran cardigan and knitted another pattern sequence into the back. I am not starting anymore machine knitting today so I will work a bit more on that.

Hooray the storm is passing over. I will put on my boots and try to sweep away the mini lake on the driveway into the drain. My ex husband concreted the driveway and I think that it slopes slightly away from the house and therefore away from the drain so everytime it rains really hard I have this problem. At least I live at the top of a hill so at least the rain runs away from me on the street and down the hill.


Ana Luisa said...

Sorry to read you're frightned of storms like that, I don't mind them, except for when the lights go out! No cable, no nothing.
You're doing such a great job on the cardigans, and sweaters, etc.
BTW, when it rains too hard here where I live, the street floods and the backwater gets into my kitchen patio then into my kitchen- Not nice. ugh.

Enid said...

Jan, hope it is better for you now?
I went to the P.O. when it dried, the rain must have left us for you. No thunder/lightning. I even pegged out as it warm sun, but will pop them in the dryer for half hour tonight.

Oh, AnaLuisa, that is horrible!!! hope it doesn't happen very often?

pattas said...

The little cardie is lovely, you are such a great knitter.. :))
I love the rain,( how high are your dams now?) but not sure about the thunder and lighting. Ok if i am in bed with all the electrics turned off.. LOL