Monday, 6 September 2010

No Sweat - It's Finished at Last

I finally finished off the No Sweat sweater by Doris Chan from her Everyday Crochet Book. I feel like it has been on the hook for ages but it was mainly because I ran out of wool and had to wait for more to arrive. In the end it took 7 x 100 gram balls of James C Brett Marble DK shade MT 11. I now have one ball left over but as I haven't yet tried on the finished sweater I may decide to add another inch on it. I will take more photos of me wearing it later. One sleeve isn't wider than the other by the way it's just the funny angle that I took that photo. I must admit then when I saw the photo I went back and checked. I had visions of unpicking it all again to remake a sleeve but all is well. I must have been standing on an angle instead of face on when I took the photo.

I have machine knitted the main part of a small red cardigan for Little Legs but I still have to hand knit the ribs and button band. I doubt that it will get finished off tonight as I am off out for a change. The Kings Arms Knitting Club is celebrating it's 3rd birthday tonight. We usually make a bit of a party of it and go out for a meal. Tonight we are going to the Thai Wu in Manchester. We went there last year and I really enjoyed it as it is a buffet and that enables me to try bits of different dishes. When I go out for a meal I usually stick to the same choices that I know I like rather than order a full meal and then find that I don't like it. Buffets give me a chance to sample different mouthfuls of different dishes. I do hope that they have shredded duck on pancakes as that is one of my favourites.

I have just been up to the Village on Pearl to pay the newspaper bill and get some money from the Bank for tonight's outing. I got blown about all over the place and that is no mean feat considering that I am not exactly a lightweight and nor is Pearl. I got back in the house just in time to see the plastic garden table and chairs getting flung all over the garden. I do hope that the wind dies down as I don't like it when it is very windy.

I was going to wear a top with my new trousers tonight but after being out in the wind I think that I will wear the Cinnabar cardigan instead. I am going by taxi but if I have to wait for a taxi on the way home I want to make sure that I am warm enough.

I will tell you more tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember to take my camera with me to record the Knit Club members enjoying themselves.


crazymotheringchick said...

The sweater looks very nice. I really like the color. Enjoy your evening with the ladies.

June said...

Have a lovely evening Jan. The sweater has turned our lovely.

marg41 said...

Beautiful Sweater Jan, just love the colour. So pleased things are going well for both you and Pearl. It must have made a great difference to your life. Enjoy your meal (I was born in Manchester, last there 2006 - it had changed so much!!)Look forward to the photo's.