Monday, 13 September 2010

Plus Size Crochet

Even the postman has noticed all of the books being delivered. He said you are going a bit mad at Amazon aren't you. It's just that all of my orders are arriving all at once and I hate to tell him but there will be two more soon and another one later in the year!

This book is Plus Size Crochet by Margaret Hubert and has come in a ring binder book which is useful as it makes the pages so much easier to turn and they stay open at the right page. I wish all pattern books came like this.

I had looked at this book several times and after reading the comments from buyers on Amazon I allowed myself to be swayed by comments such as unflattering styles for anyone larger. I wish that I had not let them influence me and had bought it earlier. The only thing unflattering is the fact that a lot of the models appear to be wearing garments too large for them so yes that will make them appear larger than they are. I think that if I get my size right then they will be no more unflattering than any sweater on a plus size person. Let's be honest about this. I am big so I am not going to look as good in things as people who are slim and shapely do so why do other plus size ladies want things that they think will flatter them into looking slimmer. Hey ladies on Amazon and Ravelry I can admit that the only thing that will make clothes fit me and look better is to actually be smaller so why can you not see that? Be happy with the size that you are. I am just grateful when I find patterns that fit me without having to alter them.

Anyway rant over. I like this book. It is a nice change also to be crocheting the smallest size in the book as it is sized up to 4X. As I have taken 21 photos I will show 10 of the designs today and the rest tomorrow. As usual there are some designs that I don't like but the percentage of those is much less than the ones that I do like so I consider this book to be a success. As to the fit of the garments I will only know that when I have made some of them.

Although I like the shape and fit of the bell sleeve cardigan in red I am not a lover of sleeves that come over my wrists so I would have to make some amendments to that. Otherwise it's a pretty design.

How can anyone say that the shawl collared mohair coat isn't flattering? Apart from the fact that I itch when I wear mohair, and so would have to find an alternate wool, I quite like the design although I would not make the over large cuffs.

The ribbon yarn jacket has a stitch that is very reminiscent of a Doris Chan cardigan but this one is made in pieces and not top down. This is the first pattern that I have put on my to do list. I have some yarn in my stash that would just suit this.

The Metallic Keyhole neck sweater took me back down memory lane as the first sweater that I designed for myself as a teenager (very few patterns in those days) was almost identical to this except that I made my own pattern stitch up. Mine came out very open so I had to sew a toning lining sweater to wear with it. I loved that sweater and wore it until it fell apart.

The Alpaca Applique cardigan is not one for me. I think that all the flowers are too fussy. The basic pattern though is a useful basic shape. Maybe an odd flower would look attractive but this pattern has overkill. Less is more.

I know that a bigger lady in theory shouldn't wear horizontal stripes but I do love the idea of using different yarns and textures to make the five yarn jacket. I fell in love with the autumn shadings so will have to try and yarn shop browse to find nice toning shades for this.

The sleeveless top is a match to the cardigan to make a twin set. I doubt that I would make the sleeveless top as my ageing bingo wings are not a pretty sight. I would make the cardigan though as it has a pretty pattern stitch.

I like the green silk scoop neck cardigan but I think the model is wearing a cardigan way too big for her so it's not flattering her figure at all. The actual jacket though is very pretty and I would adjust it by using a smaller hook to make the cardigan more form fitting. I do like the style for an openwork summer cardigan. I have an emerald green openwork crochet cardigan in my wardrobe and it always looks stunning worn over black.

Stand by for the rest of the photos tomorrow. I still haven't shown you photos from the 2011 calendar but as the patterns are loose and small postcard size I will lump a few together to take their photos rather than do them one at once.

I have been doing a bit more cleaning so not much has been done on the knitting front. I find knitting is very soporific and after a few rows I just can't keep my eyes awake. I have got half a sleeve and the button bands and neckband still to do on baby B's aran. I dare not start any crochet until I have finished this off. I am really tempted with all of the books that have arrived recently. There will probably be another book tomorrow - sigh.

Today has been dreadful. It has rained very hard all day. I felt so sorry for my lady gardener as she was soaked to the skin mowing my lawn. It had been a month since it was mowed before so it had grown quite long.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% on everything you wrote today. EVERYthing. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

crazymotheringchick said...

Wow, this looks like a great book. I think I would make several of those. They're great.

Queen Belicious said...

I have this book.

I made the scoop neck. It was awful.. It didn't fit right. It didn't fit anyone right, boobs or no boobs. I tore it out and made it again, it still didn't look right. I got frustrated and frogged the whole thing and put the book away.

I dont think they have considered the shape and drape of clothes for plus sized women at all, which is disappointing because they have the potential to be such beautiful garments for us plus sized beauties.

Maybe you'll have better luck than me!

Ana Luisa said...

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the photos of your new crochet book. There are quite a few nice designs there, I especially like the green lace cardigan. (the last photo)

Anonymous said...

I agree with so much of what you said! I'm a big girl, so no matter what I wear, I will still look big! But at least in some of these cute designs I'll look nice as well :) I'm off to buy this book!