Saturday, 25 September 2010

Oh Baby! Crochet part two

Today I went up to Accrington with Rachael (Artyarn) as she is still teaching people how to crochet. As the stall that we sit on is right opposite Habiknit I was in there again buying a couple of balls of wool. I swear that I cannot pass a wool shop without buying something! I will show you a photo of what I bought and a couple more roses that I crocheted towards the Accrington project tomorrow but for today I will just show you some more of the photos from the Oh Baby! Crochet book. There are still a few projects that I haven't photographed so it is a book full of ideas.

The Pig Security blanket by Helen Heaverin is a sweet little toy with a little blankie fastened to the body. I know that some babies gain great comfort from snuggling next to one of these.

The Little Lamb set by Dorothy Worrell has a lot of embroidered detail on the pram blanket and the pillow. I do love the little sheep toy although I am not a toy crocheter in general.

The Baby Blocks afghan and pillow set by Glenda Winkelman is very sweet but is also similar to a pattern that I have in another book. Very delicately coloured granny squares do make a pretty afghan.

There are a couple more afghan patterns in the book that I haven't photographed but the blue Tiny Balloons and the pink Rosebuds afghan sets by Mary Ann Sipes
are very pretty especially with their matching hats and bootees.

The green Shell and Popcorn papoose set by Frances Hughes and the blue Shell stitch papoose by Sue Childress are very pretty but not something that I would make for a baby unless I was specially requested.

The Toy Cat and Toy Dog by Michele Wilcox are very sweet but I am not a lover of making toys as I always seem to get the stuffing wrong or the embroidery. I would rather crochet a garment any day.

There is also a Baby's First Book by Glenda Winkleman which I haven't photographed. It has crocheted pages but all the words and the pictures in the book are cross stitched on. I am hopeless at anything like that so it's not a pattern for me.

The pink Baby Cloche by Nancy Nehring is a small beanie that looks very much like knitted ribbing. I would imagine that it would look OK for a boy in a different colour.

There are three headbands in the book by Frances Hughes. I chose the white one as I thought that it would make a great christening headband. Sorry that the photo isn't very clear but I think that you can still see most of it. The other two headbands feature crochet flowers or crocheted bows.

The Slippers by Sue Childress remind me of Christmas. There is also a pair of Mary Jane Slippers by Frances Hughes and lacy sock trims for store bought socks by Norma Gale.

The Sweetie Pie baby doll is by Kathleen Stuart. Once again I can admire it but I won't be making it no matter how sweet it is. Mine would look like something from the Omen.

The Nursery Choo Choo by Donna Collinsworth is shown as ornamental with baby toiletries in it but I presume that a baby could play with it. Not something that I would make as I really do not like all of the fiddly bits that go with crocheting toys.

I am tired today after the last two days going here and there. I have thoroughly enjoyed my outings though. They help to stimulate my mind. When I came home I then went up to Tesco on Pearl to get a bit of shopping so I have had another busy day.


pattas said...

The patterns are so lovely...

June said...

Adorable baby patterns Jan. I like them all, even the toy train and the dolls. Waiting to see what you make next.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the book?

crazymotheringchick said...

Those all look so nice. I wish I had a baby to crochet for. I especially like the headband, and the slippers. Too cute!

Shadia said...

Aww.. every one of those patterns is adorable... I'm getting clucky now. I think I need to purchase this book. :)

macocha said...

I love this book! I checked it out from the library, and I made the pink headband in a bigger weight and hook size. I also made the Fisherman's hat, but in pink and purple. I omitted the fly and will probably put a flower on it ;0)

mischel said...

how do i get ahold of the book oh baby! crochet part two. would love to own it. the patterns are lovely. would love to make the white headband for a friend. baby weighted 4 pounds 4 ounces. if you could help. thank you.

hetoepfer82 said...

I love that book! I have it and I am trying to make the pig blanket but I am getting stuck on how to do the head and the arms. Any advice if you have done it would be helpful!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Sorry to be so late in answering you. I haven't made the pig blanket so I do hope that you managed to sort out how to do the head and the arms.