Saturday, 11 September 2010

Accrington Market

I had a lovely day out in Accrington sitting in the market hall right next to Habiknits wool shop accompanying Rachael (Artyarn) whilst she was teaching people how to crochet or revising the skills of people who once crocheted but have forgotten. I sat like the Queen Bee in an armchair crocheting away and having a bit of a chat to passers by whilst Rachael did all the hard work! That sounds about right for me.I crocheted a couple of freeform things including the orange one which is sort of a cross between a squiggly Christmas ornament or an octopus with many many curly legs! I think the technique is called scumbling or freeform. The other shape that I made was like a bright orange and green sea urchin with fluted edges.

The idea is to be abstract. If you want to know more about the programme then click on the link to Artyarn on the right hand side in my favourite blogs.

The market hall has apparently been revamped and today we had the pleasure of entertainment. Last week it was a couple who sang really miserable songs but this week it was a guy singing and playing the saxophone. He was playing my kind of music so I was singing along and crocheting in rhythm. He had a really good voice and could also really play his saxophone, Apparently it's a different act every week so I hope that next week is as good as today.

There was also a very tempting old fashioned sweet shop which I managed to resist until just before we came home. I bought some Sarsaparilla drops, some liquorice tablets and some Pontefract cakes. They are not cakes at all but flat soft coin shaped pieces of black liquorice. The sweet shop took me right back to my childhood when all of the sweets came loose in jars. They had hundreds of sweets to choose from. Guess where I will be calling next week! I haven't tried any of them yet but I will be diving into one of the bags later tonight.

I also had a lovely economical lunch from one of the cafes. I had lasagne which was in it's own oval bowl and tasted homemade along with salad and chips. Really good homemade food for a reasonable price.

I was going to take the finished cardigans that I have made for the boys to Sylvia's tomorrow but she has woken up this morning with a stinking cold and doesn't want me to catch it. The outing has been postponed until next week which will give me more time to finish off Baby B's aran and perhaps have enough wool left over for Little legs to have an aran as well.

I was very good with regard to the wool shop as I only bought two balls of double knit. I will take a photo of that tomorrow. But ---- I am going back next week so will be armed with some more cash for then. Luckily they didn't accept bank cards so I had to limit my purchases.

I have put a little tempter of Drew Emborsky's book on here. I promise to give you better photos later. There are a few patterns that I like in this book and they are not all on the front and back cover so all will be revealed later.

It has rained really hard all day in Accrington but since I have been home the sun has come out but it is too late in the day to bring any warmth with it.


marg41 said...

Hi Jan,
So pleased you enjoyed your day out. You looked very happy in your photo. I too would not have been able to aviod the lure of the sweetshop, nor the wool shop. I hope things go well for your friend's shop.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh Jan, it sounds like you had a perfect day!!! Crochet, live entertainment, candy, and lasagna??.. What more could anyone ask for?!!.. Love the beautiful sweater you're wearing too!.. I just recently finished a shawl, and hope to post that sometime soon.. I feel "hooked" now, and can't wait to make another one, so I may just pick up some yarn for that today!!.. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and can't wait to see what you're making next! ~tina