Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Debra Cardigan - I Could Not Resist You

The first pattern in the Crochet It, Love It, Wear it by Drew Emborsky grabbed my attention from the moment that I opened the book. I had a similar colour in stash with hopefully the right amount so I could not resist starting it. I am, after all, stash reducing. I need to after the stash additions that I have bought recently. I knew that this colour would come in useful one day.

The pattern is quite easy. It is an alternating V stitch with a crossed around the front loops stitch that looks like a mini cable. It is slow going at the moment as the jacket is worked all in one piece until I have to divide for the armholes.It will have a wide front border after it is all finished off. The wool I have is, I think, a double knit. It is one of my label less bargains. I have bought bags like this before and have always been happy with the quality I get for such a small price. The hook I am using is a 4mm so I am getting a nice firm texture. As it is a long jacket I think it will be very useful for those colder days when I don't need a coat.

As you can see I have finished off Baby B's aran cardigan. It is from a Sirdar Baby in Aran pattern 225. I have quite a bit of wool left on the 400 gram ball that I used so I am going to start an almost plain pattern in the aran thickness and pray that I have enough wool. My friend Sylvia has bought me a pair of gram scales which will come in very useful for weighing part balls when I am using up my oddments. I will pick them up when I take the cardigans around to her house on Sunday.

The postman brought the missing book yesterday. I looked in the porch around 4.30pm and nothing was there but when I went out to pick up my evening newspaper around 5.30pm it was there. I have never know a postman deliver post so late in the day. I haven't had any post today so maybe it will arrive with the newspaper tonight.

I hadn't realized that the Hooked for Toddlers book that I had pre ordered was by the designer Margaret Hubert. She is also the designer for the Plus Sized pattern book. Once again it is spiral bound which I really like for a craft book. I will post more photos from the book tomorrow.

I got a phone call this morning from the hospital and I have to go for my pre operative tests tomorrow. I do hope that they don't find any reason to postpone my operation again but I am still not getting excited as it got cancelled at the 11th hour last time. I think that I will only believe it after I wake up after my operation.

I have ordered two more books from Amazon just in case that I do go in. I love Stephen Fry's sense of humour so decided to buy two of his books in case I feel well enough to read after the op. I find it very difficult to crochet when lying or sitting in bed. I will take some crochet to do though just in case they want me out of bed and sitting in a chair. I can't bear to just lie in bed watching TV and I am supposed to get as mobile as I can as soon as I can. I can't bear to have idle hands even if I only get a few rows done. Last time I was in hospital I knitted half a sock as I could not sleep the night before my operation. they had taken me in the night before as my spinal operation was scheduled for 8am.

Torrential rain again today so no change there then. Tonight I will be alternating between crocheting the Debra cardigan and knitting the plainish cardigan in the left over aran wool. I do hope that it doesn't rain hard when I have to go to the hospital tomorrow or it will be a taxi ride both directions.


crazymotheringchick said...

That first coat looks like a really interesting pattern, can't wait to see it finished, and how beautiful is the cardigan! I love that.

I hope everything goes well with your tests tomorrow, and that the operation can procede.

June said...

I really hope that all goes well for you tomorrow Jan.
The Debra Cardigan is going to be so gorgeous, especially in that lovely colour, just like in the picture. The baby Aran has turned out lovely as well.