Thursday, 2 September 2010

Crochet Inspirations Book 3

As promised the images from Crochet Inspirations Book 3 by Patons that I bought from Purplelinda. I like quite a few from this book so you will surely see one of these designs on my blog quite soon.

Although stripes are considered to be a bit of a no no for a larger lady I must confess to really liking the autumnal shades of the cowl neck Sarah sweater. Perhaps I would be alright as they are a bit broken striped looking because of the stitch.

I love the red long line Margaret sweater but I must confess that I would change the neckline into more of a conventional one. I am blessed with quite a short neck so anything supposed to drape like this just finishes up somewhere under my nose instead of softly draping.

I do like the way that the book shows the pattern stitches in different ways. The cream Helen scarf is the same pattern stitch as the purple striped Helen top. The top has a low V neck that is laced at the front and once again although it is striped I do love the pattern. I absolutely love all shades of purple so perhaps that has slightly influenced me.

The white Sophie sweater is adorable. The neckline on this sweater would be OK for me as the cowl is lower. I do like the pattern stitch. Not too open but very feminine looking.

The red Eugenie sweater is the same pattern stitch but used in a different way. I do like the flattering high waistline, ribbons and the little buttons. Once again a very feminine style.

Although I like the cover Zara waistcoat it is not something that I would wear. I have made waistcoats in the past and never know quite what to wear them with. As it doesn't fasten except for a belt I doubt if it would flatter my rotund figure anyway.

The cream Zara scarf is using the same pattern stitch and the Camilla bag matches the coat on the next pattern.

I do like the Camilla jacket as although it is done in a rib stitch I like the way that it is figure hugging giving the illusion of some shape. The cream Elizabeth scarf matches the jacket and bag on the next photo. I like the way that they cleverly link patterns together with the accessories.

I do like the Elizabeth jacket. Although it is mostly plain it has the detail of a little crossed cable work to take away some of the plain look. Although I am not a lover of crochet bags I do like the matching bag to this jacket.

The only pattern that I don't like at all in the book is the Serena long sleeved bolero. The edging looks strange as though it is tucked under the model's bust somewhere and the sleeves are far too wide for my tastes. I can see that it will have appeal to some people though.

I think that I like the brown wrap over front Diane cardigan although I can't really make out the stitch used and there are no accessories for this one for me to see what the pattern stitch looks like. That is the only problem with making sample garments up in a dark colour. I can't see the details no matter how hard I squint. I have tried lightening the pattern but still not much detail emerged.

I personally don't like the gold Beatrice sweater as I don't like big sleeves and big cowl necklines. The pattern stitch is very nice though and I am sure that it will appeal to lots of ladies.

The Anne scarf is a match for the last cardigan pattern.

The Anne jacket, and accessories, is a pretty useful cardigan for the autumn winter months although I would leave off the ruffled front bands. I quite like the edging stitch though and so would try to add it without making it ruffled. The bag is something that I personally would not make but it would make a pretty evening bag.

I have made the main bits of yet another machine cardigan and am hand knitting the ribs at the moment so photos to follow once it is finished. I now have 3 full patterns knitted into the aran cardigan for Baby B.

My wool parcel hasn't yet arrived so no finishing photos of the lilac sweater today.

I got up rather late today having caught up on the missing sleep of the last week. I looked in the porch when I got up to see if my wool parcel had arrived whilst I was sleeping and found a Harvey Nichols bag in the porch with some lovely fresh apples in it. They smelt lovely and fresh as if they had just come from the tree so I was wondering if it was a neighbour or whether I had an apple giving anonymous Prince Charming. The mystery was solved later in the day with a text from my young neighbour from across the road. He had left them on the step and they were from his tree and they have too many for them to eat Sadly no secret admirer as he has a partner but I will enjoy the apples never the less.

Back to my hand knitting. My parcel may arrive later as the last parcel arrived at 4.30pm. I do hope so and then I can get the lilac sweater finished off and out of the way.


June said...

As soon as I started looking at the pictures, I realised that I have already got this book of patterns. It was nice to hear what you thought of each one though.

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Hallo from the US. Been following your blog for some time now, but must admit I am not very good at leaving comments. I really have enjoy all your works very much.

A couple of days ago I posted a question on my blog regarding patterns for larger women and wouldn't you know it, the next day you tell about it. How wonderful. Will have to look for these books over here. From the pictures you have posted, I would like to try quite a few of them.

Thank you for sharing your Craft with us and continued success with the lovely things you make.

Have a wonderful day and you shall see me again.

Kim said...

Hi there -
Another hello from the US. I too have been following your blog for quite a while. I found it through Crochetpartners.

You are quite a talented crocheter...I wish that I could improvise patterns like you can!

Anyway - the reason for my comment today. The last two days, you've previewed two different books that I'd really love to buy for myself, but am not sure how to go about doing that. Any help you could give me for finding these books in the US would be very appreciated. I'm interested in the Crochet Inspirations Book 3 and the Style For You.

Love your blog!

pattas said...

Super pattern by patons, I love the new wool they have out at the moment called wool lace..... It knits beautifully.. thanks again for sharing :)) Pat in tas :))

boltoncrafter said...

Love the purple & lilac top. Might just buy the book.