Friday, 24 September 2010

Coldspring Mill

Today my friend Sue came to take me to the Coldspring Mill in Cullingworth Yorkshire. I had a lovely day out in the countryside going down narrow country lanes and seeing horses,sheep and even a Grouse on a wall (or was it a Pheasant?) Lovely old stone cottages and old fashioned pubs cropped up every now and again and we went through Haworth which is beautiful Bronte country. I am sad that I didn't take my camera with me. I had no idea that the scenery would be so great. If you click on the blog title I hope that it will show you the entrance to the tea rooms at Coldspring mill which had the most tempting array of homemade cake (we resisted) and gorgeous coffee (which we didn't resist). The menu promised lovely home made sandwiches and lunches. The two guys at the next table who were tucking into their bacon and egg sandwiches certainly seemed to be enjoying them.

The mill is tucked away and is not the traditional cotton mill type. It is a three storey stone building on different split levels inside. It is a strange mixture of camping and walking gear on one floor, wool in the basement and the cafe sort of in between. The rather fetching yellow plastic poncho I am wearing was from the walking section and cost me the princely sum of £2.95. I could have chosen a dark green one but hey you know me. If I am going to look like a fool I might as well look like a fat yellow duck. It will be a perfect emergency waterproof for if I get caught in the rain when riding on Pearl. I have my proper wet gear jacket and trousers but this poncho folds up to fit in a pocket so can be left on the scooter all of the time. I doubt that it will be very durable but at that price what do I expect. It is large enough to cover my knees when I am seated and has poppers down each side.

The wool part of the mill was an Aladdin's cave. Loads of bargains if you like Louisa Harding, Debbie Bliss and Mirasol etc. They are probably discontinued lines or discontinued colours but they were half price. Sadly, lovely though they were, even half price is a wee bit above my pocket. Plus I can't wear a lot of them as they are wool/merino etc and my skin itches just looking at it. There was some skeins of pure silk that made my heart beat faster but to make anything large would have cost me a fortune. It must be nice though to be able to afford such yarns as these.

I settled for the more mundane James C Brett wool. I love their wools especially the Marble chunky which Sue had to drag me away from. I have never seen most of the colours in one place before as usually shops stock limited colours of the wool and the online photos don't do the colours justice. They must have had about 20 colours in the Aran. I was spoiled for choice but I settled for a cream with flecks of many different jewel colours which I thought would make a good all round jacket for next Spring/Summer. I fell in love with the blue Marble DK as I have never seen that colour in the ball before.The brown is also the Marble DK and I am using that to make something for a friend,

The small balls are some oddments of primary colours that I picked up to make some more of the Loopy Roses by Sarah London. I am going up to Accrington with Rachael (Artyarn) tomorrow so am hoping to make a few more roses or free form crochet tonight so that I can stitch them together tomorrow..I haven't got time to worry about my upcoming operation as my niece is calling around on Sunday to dye my hair roots and I still have loads of housework to finish plus packing my bag.

My long Drew Emborsky jacket has now reached the waistline and also where it says to divide for the armholes. I am going to read the pattern though to see how long these armholes are as I have a low waist and would like a bit more length from the waist to the divide. I have plenty of wool left so I will be OK if I have to add a bit of length to the body. I would like it to finish below the hip line if possible.It is slow going but I am pleased with the firmness of the pattern stitch. It will be a nice warm jacket for the winter.

Next door's cat has come in and is happily sleeping on the spare bed. The last time he came in a thunderstorm ensued 10 minutes after he came in. I think he knows that rain is on the way tonight. I don't mind if it rains now as I am warm and cosy and will soon settle down with my coffee and my crochet in a few minutes.

I know I promised the second half of the baby book photos but I had other things to write about today. I won't forget and maybe tomorrow I will post the rest of the book on my blog.

I had a laugh today when the postman left a parcel with me destined for the baby across the road who was one yesterday. The postman often leaves their parcels with me when they are out as it saves them having to go up to the sorting office to retrieve it. I put the parcel down on the stairs as I was on my way out and the parcel started barking! It must be a soft toy that when you bounce it down it barks. It made me laugh as well as jump. I bet that Zak will love it.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a fun day out.

Spundun said...

I have one of those fetching ponchos too - most useful!

What a lot of lovely wool you got there, sounds like a great place to visit.

LOL at the barking parcel!

crazymotheringchick said...

My goodness, your smile looks happy.

Sounds like a wonderful time. I have trouble parting with enough money to buy some of those expensive yarns. I keep saying I'll get me some of this or that, but then I just can't bring myself to do it.

June said...

A lovely lot of yarn there Jan. I really like the James C Brett Marble. I had to laugh at your barking parcel. Seems like you had a good day.

KnitNurd said...

Jan, it's always so good to see you smiling...I LOVE that pic of you in your poncho!!!!
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day out and that is very nice wool you picked out. I shall look forward to seeing what comes from it!
LOL at the barking parcel..too funny!!!