Wednesday, 8 September 2010

No Sweat Has The Wrong Name Today

I finally got around to taking photos of me wearing the No Sweat sweater from the Doris Chan Everyday Crochet book. On a day like this the sweater's name is wrong. Five minutes inside that sweater and I certainly had hit boiling point. The James C Brett Marble DK is quite thick for a double knit so the sweater has turned out quite a firm fabric. I will be glad of it's warmth once the weather turns colder.

See how it flatters my beautiful sylph like figure? I am joking of course. I tend not to look in mirrors these days because of the weight that I have gained so it still comes as quite a shock when I see photos of myself as my mental internal picture of myself is quite different. I only use small mirrors to do my hair and make up when I go out. I try to avoid the full length mirrors wherever possible.

This morning I switched on Facebook and was online at the same time as my internet friend Bev in the US. She was having a sleepless night so we had quite a nice chat. For her it was 2am but for me it was breakfast time. We have exchanged e mails for some time but it's still nice to have an interactive chat via the net. Technology still amazes me. It's not long ago that the only contact I had with people in another country was via airmail letters that took 4 or 5 days to get to their destination.

I have finished the back of Big Leg's aran cardigan and I think that I will press on knitting that before I start another machine knit cardigan for him. After the end of this week I think that it will be back to something for myself or make a start on my scarves and shawls for Christmas.

I had 2 e mails yesterday saying that Amazon has posted off two more of my pre ordered things. One is a book by Drew Emborsky and the other is the 2011 Crochet a day calendar which usually has some great gift ideas in it. I heard on the grapevine that this might be the last edition of the calendar so of course I had to buy it. You know what I am like for crochet patterns. I have got to the stage where I would describe myself as a crochet pattern addict. I could say crochet pattern collector as that sounds a bit less weird. Hopefully they will arrive soon and I will have something to put on the blog tomorrow and the day after to make up for the fact that I knit slowly and so the baby's aran cardigan won't grow that much over the next 2 days.

Today the sun is shining but it was like that yesterday before the rain lashed down. As I got up early ( well for me it was early) I did some washing and it is line drying at the moment. I do prefer to dry my clothes in the fresh air and also it is cheaper than constantly using the tumble dryer. I have to switch that on in the winter so in the summer time I try to economise.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that color on you. I think it looks lovely, Jan.

It WAS fun chatting with you this morning. I hope we get the chance to do it again (even if it does mean that I am not sleeping).

Hugs across the pond,

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm still not in bed. Right after I signed off Facebook the husband got up and that was the end of that.

Enid said...

I agree with Bev, colour and design are great for you.

The aran sweater is doing well.

hope it is a better night for Bev.

ps why does the verification word not appear until second attempt at posting comment?

pattas said...

Every time I open your blog, I am hit with the "WOW" factor.. fabulous garments.. hugs pat in tas :))

marg41 said...

Beautiful colour and you look lovely too! The computer is a great invention, it has opened up a new world for me. I can see our Daughter who is in U.S.A. via Skype, keep in touch with family in the U.K. Read beautiful blogs and look at the fantastic work you do Jan. What more can a woman ask for?!!!! Best wishes from DownUnder, Margaret.