Thursday, 1 October 2009

Instant Gratification

Last night I needed a crochet fix. Some instant gratification. Yes I can and do knit but you can't take the crochet out of this girl. I made this pram blanket from 8 x 40 gram balls of Hayfield Chunky that has been languishing in my stash for far too long. I started it yesterday morning and finished it off last night. My kind of crochet! By the way it isn't an odd shape it's just that the photo has been taken before I blocked it out so it doesn't look rectangular on the photo. There isn't a pattern I just used an 8 mm hook with 60 ch (+ 2 turning ch) and worked across the row doing one stitch UK treble and the next stitch UK double crochet. On every row I did a treble into the double crochet of the previous row and vica versa so it gives a nice texture to the crochet but it's not holey for little fingers to poke through or too fancy for a boy. I finished off with a simple 5 tr fan edging.

Tonight I must try to start and hopefully finish the two aran sleeves for Charlie's cardigan as I think my niece is coming at the weekend to pick up the blankets for Fynnlay and the cardigans for big brother Charlie.

I am not sure how much I will get done though as my knee is screaming at me in protest for the dog walk plus the walk to Tesco to do some food shopping. I had been putting this off all week but had got to the crust of bread and drop of milk stage. I do hate food shopping and will do anything rather than do it. Once I am in there I spend far too much money as I have this silly notion that if I buy more then I won't have to come back again for a while. Of course it doesn't work that way as by next week I will need fresh food again. I am not a lover of frozen food or plastic bread, as my father used to call sliced bread, and so the bakery bread that I slice at home only has a limited life span despite my buying an extra one for the freezer each time I go. I did manage to get some lamb cutlets and a chicken breast in the reduced section so I was quite pleased about that.

Buster let me have more than a sliver of the bed last night and so I had quite a good night's sleep until I must have flexed and stretched my bad knee which woke me up in the early hours with bad cramp in my calf which caused me to scream about a bit until the feeling passed. I have never suffered with cramp ever until I had my knee operated on. My ex husband used to get calf cramp regularly and leap out of bed in the middle of the night hopping about. I used to find this irritating at first as he woke me up and then funny as I watched him do his chicken dance impersonation hopping around the bedroom. I had little sympathy for him until recently. Cramp is so painful especially when it wakes you up in the middle of the night. This time it was me, with Buster looking at me as if I was mad. Not that I can leap out of bed to do the chicken dance. Mine was more of a roll around in agony clutching my calf until it passed.

Well I am off to wash the dishes now and see what delights are on TV tonight to entertain me whilst I slog my way through the aran sleeves.

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June said...

A lovely cuddly blanket for a little boy. I know what you mean about a crochet fix Jan. I can knit and have knitted loads in my time, but now it is crochet all the way for me. Looking forward to seeing what is in your new crochet books.