Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Crafty Crafty Calendar Support

The Crafty Crafty blog has given the Naked Knitting Calendar a mention. If you click on my blog title you can read the article. DeadlyKnitShade contacted me on Ravelry and said that she was doing a write up about the calendar in Crafty Crafty and also for Stitch and Bitch London.The write up on Stitch and Bitch will appear on Monday so I will try to remember to post the link to it then. She says that as a cancer survivor she is all for kicking the a*se of cancer a sentiment most of us share.

Buster went home today and so I will have the task of de hairing the house and washing everything in sight tomorrow. He didn't go home until almost 5pm and I had to go and collect my prescription after that so have decided to leave the big clean up until tomorrow. I will miss having his company but I must admit that I found him really hard work this time and my knee suffered badly because of all the walking. Despite cleaning him thoroughly after a walk I have a rather grimy looking cream leather sofa which will be the first thing that I clean.That and washing every cushion in the house as well as every throw and all the bedding. I hope it is a nicer day tomorrow as today has been rain coming down like stair rods all day.

Lisa is on the plinth in Trafalgar square between 9 - 10 pm tonight and some of the Noras are going around to Bev's to watch her live on either the TV or the PC. I am not sure quite what she is doing except she requested some knitted daisies but I didn't have any time to make any and am not sure if anyone else did either.

I have started the Pink Duster coat by Doris Chan in black for myself. After I made the pink one that is featured on the front cover of the calendar I promised myself that I would make it again but in black. I am using a double knit this time and so the effect will not be as thick or as heavy. I have used a finer hook from the bust downwards to give the coat a bit of waist shaping which the pink one doesn't have. The photo is as the coat was yesterday when I first started it. It is too dark now to take more photos so I will take more tomorrow. It will probably take me another hour to pick off Buster's hair from my crochet! I will be crocheting away tonight as I watch Gok Wan on How To Look Good Naked and look if he has used any of the calendar photos in tonight's programme. Lisa got asked to submit 3 photos but we are not sure if they are going to be used yet. It would have been nice if they had made a film of us as they did last week with the Naked Mountain Rescue team but the production team only wanted photos.

On Monday night I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club. Rachael was there for the last time for 3 months. She is off to complete a 3 month residency at Artists Unlimited in Bielefeld, Germany. She is thrilled to have been given this opportunity but we will all miss her at the Kings. We will keep the Knit Club fires burning whilst you are away Rachael and remember to put the books out! I am sure that she will find a Knit Club (or start one) whilst she is out there. We did suggest her using a laptop and web cam to join in and Knit with us at the Knit Club via the wonders of the Internet.

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

That will look wonderful when you wear it Jan:) MR Mog and I will be coming to the launch, look forward to seeing you again:)