Sunday, 18 October 2009

Quiet Sunday

Today has been a very quiet Sunday. No visitors and no phone calls. I just did a bit of washing and generally mooched about the house. I have started one of the baby cardigan patterns by Kay Jones that I am making for Sylvia's friend's foster baby girls. I hope to get a bit more of the first one done tonight. I have to make two of everything but in different sizes.

As promised here are photos of the Kittensuit top. I am sure that you are all relieved that I did not make it into the hot pant suit on the pattern. It has turned out a bit on the large side. More so now it has been blocked so I not sure if I will keep it or it will be going on to a new home. I don't like unpicking anything that could be worn by someone else so if I am not happy with something then I usually find it a new home.

I have started making my list of what I hope to make for Christmas this year and as usual have come to the conclusion that I should have started making things at least a month ago. It will be rush, rush as per usual nearer to the time. Christmas seems months away and then suddenly it's just a few weeks away and I haven't bought or made anything yet! I am trying to get a few small things out of the way before I get a pattern and wool for my niece possibly next Saturday. As she wants a knitted jacket then it will take me longer than when I crochet.

I am going to watch Stephen Fry and Mark Carwadine in Last Chance to See. I have been watching this series since it first started and tonight is the last in the series. I always hate that. When you enjoy something it seems to last for a few episodes and leave you wanting more. Tonight it is the grey whales and Humboldt squid.

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments about the black duster coat.It has now been put away until the next occasion when I can wear it.

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks lovely on you. Very flattering and I can't wait to see the little sweater done.