Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lisa on the Plinth in Trafalgar Square

This is Lisa a member of the Knitting Noras and a Calendar Girl on the plinth in Trafalgar Square last night. I watched it via my PC last night hence the poor quality of the photos.It's not easy taking a photo of a PC screen. She was promoting the calendar and speaking about After Adoption, Home Education and also reading a poem about Knitting. In between she entertained the audience with a display of poi twirling. I must ask her is she was ever in one of those dancing troupes when she was younger or a cheer leader as she twirled those poi like a professional baton twirler! If you click on the blog title I think you can still view Lisa on the plinth. Look for week 14, Tuesday 6th and the time of 9pm and Lisa B and that should find her. I found that I could barely hear her at times despite her home made megaphone. At least it didn't rain on her.

Today I am in the middle of a cleaning frenzy. Luckily it is fine and so my bedding is on the line hopefully drying in the small amount of sunshine that we have today. I am in my old cleaning clobber, no make up and hair in a pony tail so I bet I get visitors today. Why do people always call when you look a mess - or does that only happen to me? When the house is sparkling ( a rarity in my case) and I am looking tip top (another rarity) no one calls.

I have progressed with the black duster coat. It now has one arm. I always crochet the sleeves before I finish off the main body of the jacket as there is less weight to heave about when going around the sleeves plus it gives a better idea of when to stop crocheting for length if the sleeves are already in place. I have took a close up shot of the pattern merely to show you what I am up against trying to crochet with a moulting dog around. I will have to wash and hoover the coat before I can ever wear it. I feel like Nitty Nora and not a Knitting Nora as I pick over everything with tweezers to get rid of the stubborn dog hairs that resist a wash and hoover.

Time to return to my scrubbing of the cream leather sofa and my hoovering of absolutely everywhere once more. Time for a bit of cleaning music I think. Something with a beat like a bit of reggae or electro. I can't clean to anything with a slow beat! I will re- load the washer, peg out some more washing and have a cup of coffee first though.

Zip a de do dah Zip a dee ay, My oh my what a wonderful day, Plenty of sunshine coming my way, Zip a de do dah Zip a de ay!

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