Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Happy Birthday Sylvia

I should have said Happy Birthday Sylvia yesterday but I didn't want to put photos of her birthday cardigan on the blog until I was sure that she had actually received it. I should have met up with her in Bolton yesterday for a Birthday lunch but as most of the buses were on strike I decided against it. I wasn't having a good knee day so long waits at bus stops didn't seem so appealing. Sorry Sylvia. We will have to have a Happy Unbirthday another day.

I met up with Kath, Sylvia's daughter, in Manchester last week to give her the white Cinnabar cardigan by Doris Chan that I had made for her Mum's birthday and to get the Regia 6ply sock wool that Kath had got for me from John Lewis. To add to the problems of the bus strike there was also a postal strike so I didn't want to entrust Sylvia's present and card to Royal Mail. I made this cardigan in the week when I said I wasn't crocheting much. I know that Sylvia sometimes reads this blog so I didn't want to spoil the surprise. I should have consulted with Kath as she has knitted her mum a cardigan so Sylvia now has two new cardigans. I am sure that they will both come in very handy.

The shawl I am making is also from Doris Chan. I was given some part machine cones some time ago and decided to make an adaptation of the All Shawl. I took it to the Kings Arms last night so it has grown a wee bit since this photo was taken yesterday.

I am continuing with the baby cardigans but tomorrow I am going to the Yarn Barn in Shaw to get pattern and wool to start my nieces Christmas presents and as they will be knitted then my projects will slow down considerably.

I must remember to watch How To Look Naked with Gok Wan tonight just in case my calendar photo gets a quick flash. I watch him anyway as he is so inspiring. So much better for a girl's morale than that dreadful Trinny and Susannah who just attack peoples fashion sense. Like they look good enough to give advice anyway. Their fashion sense is dreadful. If I don't catch the programme live I watch it on the PC on Catch Up TV. I don't have a fancy TV package that allows me to record stuff from the TV so the Catch Up online comes in very handy for me. I watched Gok on Loose Women yesterday plugging his new book. I hope that my niece buys it so that I can borrow it! My one peeve with Loose Women is that is isn't on Catch Up TV. When I wrote in to complain they said it was because they hold competitions and that it is sponsored. Well 60 min makeover has competitions and is sponsored but that is on Catch Up TV so come on ITV get Loose Women on Catch Up TV.

My horoscope said I was going to have a romantic surprise today. Well the surprise so far is that there hasn't been one! Perhaps my handsome prince has got delayed with the bus and mail strikes. I think he must have a dodgy Sat Nav and lost his way altogether. I shall live in hope for the rest of the day and die in despair this evening when nothing happens ;)


June said...

Lucky Sylvia to get such a pretty crocheted cardigan for her birthday. You really are expert at crochet and never fail to amaze me at how quickly you finish each project.

sylvia said...

Thank you very much Jan for the beautiful cardigan it was a nice surprise and it fits just nice.