Thursday, 22 October 2009

Crochet Today Christmas Edition

There I said it. I typed the C word. According to Ailsa Christmas is 64 days away!!

As promised here are some photos from the Nov/Dec edition of Crochet Today. Pretty though some things are I honestly cannot see myself making a gingerbread house, ornaments or a rippled frill for my Christmas tree. Nor will I be hanging any of those Christmas stockings.

The white sweater is attractive in a holey sort of way as is the swing cardigan but I don't honestly think I would wear either of them.

The matinee jacket, pram rug and those lovely baby slippers are the patterns that I bought the magazine for. The green mitts and scarf look a little bulky to me. The granny square afghan pattern is a bit superfluous as surely by now everyone can make a granny square so who actually needs a pattern for an afghan in squares?

I think the ladies slippers are unspeakable but I can see the gifty gloves getting made. There are also patterns for earrings, a crocheted drum (WTF!) and a twirly scarf that I haven't bothered to photograph and a truly awful mans hat that is just a long strip gathered along one edge to make the crown which makes it look rather bulky. The guy wearing it looks suitably embarrassed.

All the pieces for the larger baby crochet cardigan have now been made and I have just started the back of the smaller one. Last night I was so engrossed in the two episodes of the new NCIS Los Angeles that I could not get around to stitching the cardigan up and fringing it. I am a massive fan of NCIS and was wondering if this new spin off series would be as good but I was hooked. I never knew LL Cool J could act. He is great as Sam Hanna. I will definitely be watching this next week.


Anonymous said...

I have a pattern for something similar to the rippled tree skirt but it has a round middle. It's very pretty made up with a poinsettia in the middle of it. I love the baby sweater and blanket. Worth the price of the magazine just for those two items.

Rachel Sloan said...

My girlfriends and I are dying to get this Christmas stocking pattern. 2 of us had the issue but can’t find it now. Is there any way you could send me a copy of the Christmas stocking pattern if you still have it? My email is If not, that’s ok too. Thanks for your time! :)