Friday, 23 October 2009

More Sock Wool

Yes I know. I have quite a few balls of sock wool in my stash but ever since I made a pair of socks for my niece in these colours I have been on the look out for some for myself. My niece bought her wool online from Angel Yarns but the trouble it took to get them and the length of time she had to wait put me off ever ordering from them again. I ordered from them at the same time and eventually after a couple of months wait I had to demand a refund to my credit card as my goods never turned up and every time I asked about my order I was fobbed off with some silly story. My friend Kath managed to find them for me at John Lewis in Trafford Park. As these are 6ply and the pair of socks I knitted for my niece knitted up quite quickly there is a chance that a pair will be on my feet this year as opposed to I don't know when with the other finer sock wool.

I have been crocheting away with the two baby cardigans and I have only one more sleeve to make before I embark on the stitching up and finishing. Hopefully I will finish them tonight but as they have to be fringed around the bottom edge it might be at the weekend.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go to the wool shop in Ramsbottom with my niece and on Sunday it is the monthly Knit Out of the Knitting Noras. Lisa and Vicky are on Tower FM radio today. You can see the promotion that Tower Radio have given the Naked Knitting Calendar by clicking on the blog title but I must point out that they have spelt Christie wrong in the title. My two friends who phoned me to tell me about this said that they have been advertising that the Knitting Noras are coming on the radio this week since Monday but I only heard about it yesterday.


stormina_teacup said...

That's hilarious! I only arranged it yesterday! Lx

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Perhaps someome at Tower Radio is psychic (or knew that you would say yes) as another friend heard it on Thursday morning.

June said...

I really like the colours of the Sock Wool. Looking forward to what you make with it.

boltoncrafter said...

Recently used some woderful multi-coloured sock wool to knit a 'neck warmer' from 'Simply Knitting' and crochet a scarf of my own design. The items both look fabulous. They are nestling in my Christmas present box.