Saturday, 17 October 2009

Black Duster Coat

The photos of me wearing the Black Duster Coat will be put on my fridge door. How to know that you are in desperate need of a strict diet? Get your niece to take a photograph full length frontal. I look like Tim Healey in last night's ITV series Benidorm when he was dressed in drag as Lesley. Try to focus on the crochet please and ignore the large lumpy body that is wearing it!

I have just come back from having a cuddle with baby Finlay (Fynnlay? still forgot to ask the spelling). He is such a tiny little dot. Really small and dainty. His big brother Charlie was really loud and boisterous but the baby slept all through it all even when Charlie threatened to jump into the moses basket with him. I still haven't made him any more cardigans but I will before the winter comes.

I have finished off the kittensuit top and my niece took photos of that also.I will put them on the blog tomorrow. I think it has turned out a bit on the large side and at the moment the sleeves aren't lying quite right but I am going to wet block it to try to rectify that this afternoon.

It is a nice sunny afternoon. Not overly warm as it is October but not freezing cold either. The kind of day when you debate whether it is worth hanging the washing out or not.

I am not sure what to make next. I still have a couple of baby crochet cardigans to make for Sylvia's friend and some baby knitting on needles so I will decide later if I will make those first or choose something else. My niece is going to the wool shop in Ramsbottom next week and we are choosing a pattern for my other niece's Christmas knitting so I don't want to start anything too large in case I get the wool for that on Saturday. I doubt if I will be buying anything for myself whilst I am up there but I do love to go for a browse around the shop.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I think it is lovely! You look fantastic in it.

Have fun at the yarn shop and should something find it's way into a shopping bag for you then "so be it." ;-)

June said...

Beautiful crochet coat and you look lovely in it Jan. I had to laugh when you mentioned Tim Healey, wasn't he funny in Benidorm last night?

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Fabulous coat Jan:)