Friday, 30 October 2009

C'Mon Universe - Here I Am

Well I did my bit and I asked the Universe for a man as suggested by the media. I kept my requirements suitably vague as I don't want the Universe to think that I am being picky and asking for a George Clooney lookalike. I did throw in a few special requests though. I know I am a bit of a chubster myself but please send me a man slimmer than me as two heavyweights in a relationship is one too many in my view.

As usual I watched Loose Women today and laughed out loud at Cilla Black who said at her age she was grateful for a man with a working prostate. I know the feeling Cilla. I might be getting on a bit but there is still a fire in the furnace and I like to feel that I could be whooshed off my feet by a man who doesn't require the aid of medication.

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. Especially thanks to Belicious whose blog Crochet Therapy is one that I follow. If you click on my blog title you will see that she has awarded me with an Ultimate MeMe award. As soon as I work out how to put it on this blog I will award mine. Not an easy task as some of you peeps don't have a blog so that I can honour you! Belicious has had her ups and downs over the last few years but always manages to keep a good sense of humour throughout. Mattenylou, I wasn't looking for the last would be romance - he found me which made it such a surprise. Too bad that it doesn't seem to have worked out as he did have the right potential plus the bonus of good looks. (Sigh) Never mind folks lets see what the Universe as in store for me. Maybe I should have set a time limit. Something along the lines of I would like to meet him in the next year before I get decrepit.

Talking about feeling decrepit. I got my Bowel Cancer testing kit in the post. I know that it is a good idea and I shall be participating but the fact that they underlined the age group asked to participate made me feel like some dodgy old OAP. I will not give you any details as you could be eating whilst reading but I am not looking forward to the excitement of plastic bags, poo sticks and general fertling about in things unspeakable. I know it is all part of caring for my general health, and is a very important test, but it is a part that I would rather not mess with. I used to have to change my son's nappies with a bucket close by to heave into. I managed marginally better with my late cats litter trays and the doggy doo doo's on the lawn.

Tonight I am poised to pick up my knitting needles and start my niece's chunky jacket. I have finished off the All Shawl, pattern free on the net from Doris Chan, that I have made from a part machine cone that was given to me by someone clearing out their late mother's attic.I had to continue increasing the shawl in the set manner as the pattern is written for an aran weight. The pattern is very forgiving though and provided you fiddle about with the placing of the edging pattern can be made to any size. I will probably start some crochet to work in between the knitting. For once I don't have anything on the hook at the present moment.

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Cat said...

Hey there! Just a "universe" note - I found my hubby on eHarmony. It worked like a charm...I have been married almost six years and looking forward to many many more. Cost is a bit, but you have 3 months and you generally gets lots of names each day to write to. No one knows your name or address or phone number. You can block people if they aren't your type, etc. It isn't really a 'dating' service - more like the "shadchan" of the internet!