Friday, 2 October 2009

Crocheted Gifts

As I don't have much to report on the knitting scene I thought I would put some photos from one of the crochet books that I bought this week.

The first photo isn't from the book. It is Buster sleeping on my recliner chair. We had a very interrupted sleep last night but this time it was me keeping him awake. He decided in the end to go and sleep on the spare bed. My knee was very painful and as I had taken painkillers and anti inflammatory pills I was very sleepy last evening so only managed to knit one sleeve on the small aran cardigan. I feel rather knackered this morning so am taking it easy today.

The photos are from Crocheted Gifts edited by Kim Werker. The afghan by Doris Chan is on the front cover that I showed you yesterday. The crochet mitts by Kathryn Merrick I would not make to wear outdoors but think they would make good bath scrub mitts if made in cotton or hemp.

I do like the mesh trellis jacket by Karen Drouin and will be making this one.The shawl with strings by Kristin Omdahl is a definite no no for me. I can imagine it getting hooked up on everything I passed. The baby hat with leaves by Cloe Nightingale has matching booties. The Willow hat with motifs by Jennifer Hagan is quite pretty and I might make it for a gift.

Although the shrug by Annie Modesitt is very openwork and loopy I can see my niece wearing this as an evening shrug when she goes out. The edging that you can just see at the front continues around the back giving it a nice edge. The socks by Robyn Chachula are very pretty but I would probably make them as house or bed socks as I think they look a bit chunky for normal wear in shoes. The man's hat by Kathryn Merrick is not something that I would inflict on any male friends or relatives. I think the squared top looks a bit silly.

The sorbet scarf by Robyn Chachula is very pretty. I don't like the colour combination used in the book but think that I will definitely make this but in more complimentary shades or even a single shade. The lace wristlets by Myra Wood are really pretty but I can't see a use for them personally. They keep the wrists warm but not the hands and I think that the frill would really annoy me in wear.

I quite like the Babymoon robe by Megan Granholm but I would have to alter the neckline to narrow it. I have narrow shoulders so it would definitely hang off my shoulders when I wore it the way it is in the pattern.I would probably make some kind of a neckband edging to stop it from stretching.

There are other accessories in the book. A sea star pendant,wire hairpin bowl,washcloths, neckwarmer,flower choker, zipped crochet hook bag in hexagons,juggling balls,felted bag (Ugh),floral coasters, swirling bag in patchwork, bracelets, colour chain scarf and sisal spiral rug. The only things I would make out of those are washcloths.

On the whole a book where I will perhaps use 4 or 5 items from it including the star afghan from Doris Chan which is the main reason that I bought the book.

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June said...

Oh I like it when you show pictures of Buster, he always makes me smile. The book was interesting and I really liked the trellis pattern cardigan. Hope your knee feels better soon.