Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Yarn Shopping in Shaw

I have just got home from a trip to Shaw to visit the Yarn Barn. It is a lovely shop and I could spend all day in there and probably spend all of my pension but fortunately today I was shopping with my niece who was buying wool and pattern for her Christmas jacket. She has chosen a long line car coat in a rich maroon shade knitted in Sirdar Click. We didn't manage to find a pattern quite like the jacket my other niece has seen but I can be making this present until we find that.

I took a photo of the shop window but unfortunately there is a lot of back shine so you can't seen the wonderful display that Sirdar has done in the window. Really tempts you in to buy the patterns and wool. Sirdar used to do my windows from time to time when I had my shops and it was always a crowd puller. I could spend all day in the shop browsing patterns on their squashy sofas. All that is missing is a good cup of coffee but if they laid that on then people would never leave.

My purchases were small as you can see. Three crochet patterns, a couple of balls of wool for baby Finlay James and the stuff that you always need. Black and white cotton, sewing needles and a chunky cable needle for the car coat. The cardigan in Lyscordet might get made up one day using a box of black Lyscordet that I still have in my stash from my own wool shop days.

The All Shawl has grown a bit more but as it is in 4ply and on a 4mm hook it is taking a lot longer than the previous shawls that I have made. I have started the 2nd baby cardigan but will wait until all of the pieces are made to stitch them together and make the frilled edging.

There was a lovely old fashioned butcher's shop in Shaw so I bought a pork chop for tonight's dinner and a couple of chicken breasts for tomorrow's dinner. It is lovely to see a successful butchers where all the stock looks so clean and fresh. It was like shopping in a farmer's market.

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June said...

Seems like you had a good time at the woolshop Jan. Wish I could have come along with you, as we no longer have any good woolshops here. The jacket will look lovely in that gorgeous red.