Friday, 16 October 2009

Interweave Crochet Fall 09

As I am still working on the kittensuit top I thought that I would post photos from the new Interweave Crochet Fall 09 which arrived this morning.

I started the kittensuit sleeves as the pattern and I can't believe that I ever made them in that manner as they are worked top down and tell me to break off my yarn every row for the increasing to add 3 chain to either side. No way. I have just crocheted them freestyle to fit the armhole. I just could not bring myself to keep cutting my yarn every row. What if they didn't fit in right and I had to unpick them? I shudder at the thought of all that wasted yarn. As per usual I will do it my way.

These are my views on the new crochet magazine. The front cover is Szechuan Sweater by Robin Chachula which I think is cute and practical although I may lengthen the sleeves if I make it for myself.

The Veronica sweater in purple by Sarah Barboun is not for me as I dislike asymetrical collars. The Moss Fern wrap by Kimberley K McAlindin is very pretty but as I think it would only work in a mohair type yarn that rules old itchy me out of that one as well.

The Spice Market Tunic by Sheryl Means is a good everyday sweater but as it is in tunisian crochet I don't think that I will be doing it. The Larkspur Wrap Sweater by Ellen Gormley is one that definitely holds my interest.Close stitches and long sleeves. Very wearable in my book.

The Painted Desert Skirt by Kristin Omdahl is a definite no no for me but the Capuccino sweater by Maureen Basher is a sweet shaped cardigan that I can see myself wearing.

The Taho cap by Marcy Smith looks great on the photo but having seen a few holey looking finished caps on Ravelry I think tight tension is a must for this cap. The Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent is very pretty but the colours don't do anything for me. I am not an afghan crocheter in the main although I have said that I will make one for the winter time.

The Quick gifts page in crochet will come in handy as gifts this winter. There is also a crochet bag but as I cannot stand to see wool felted I will not be making that. I have zoomed in on the Adirondack Socks by Patsy Harbor as I really like them but not sure if it is the pattern or the colour of the wool that attracts me. I think the right mullti wool that stripes is essential for this pair.

The October Vest by Tracy St John is OK I guess but I cannot see any of the guys I know wearing it.The Blue Ridge Cardigan by Edie Eckman is OK but I just hate the way that the buttons gape. Button loops just don't cut it for me.

I would consider the Curried Cabled Jacket by Pricila Gomes but would use buttons instead of a zip behind a flap as I don't think the band would lie flat without curling outwards in wear. The Campus Field Cap by Jennifer J Cirka is a quirky kind of cap that I can see being popular with the young. I don't think that I will personally be going to Tesco wearing it though.

Tomorrow I hope to be going to see baby Fynnlay or Finlay ( the spelling seems to vary from e mail to e mail) and then on to Tesco so I don't think much crochet will be done over the weekend.

A bit of excitement in the street this morning. My next door neighbour was asked to keep a car on her drive by an aqaintance for a couple of weeks but it has gone on now for several months. The house owner wanted it moved off the drive and has given him fair warning to remove it. Today the hire purchase people came to reclaim the car as when my neighbour's landlord got the police involved it turns out that the guy hasn't paid any of the HP on the car. We are expecting a bit of a argument when he comes home from work and drives by and notices that the car has gone.

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Jody Blue said...

I love the Moorish afgan, I just don't like how afgans seem to attract every loose hair and bit of lint in the house. I'm headed into town tomorrow and am going to try to find the magazine. I'd like to give this pattern try inspite of any misgivings. Thanks for sharing.