Sunday, 11 October 2009

Black Duster Coat Finished

My black version of the Pink Duster Coat by Doris Chan is now finished but as you can see is still wet and hanging in the washing line. The pegs around the bottom edge are my version of blocking to get the bottom edge to stop curling upwards. I cannot block anything large on blocking boards as I have to use up all of the bed and I still need to sleep in that as I can't crawl around the floor these days due to my knee problems. I just hope that the weight of the pegs will do the trick for me. If not I will just have to try to block just the bottom edge. The yarn still hanging from the edge of the sleeves is just in case I have to undo a row when the coat has dried. The sleeves seem a wee bit long so I haven't darned the end in yet.

I have made this version in a double knitting and I think it has taken 600 grams but I will have to count the labels to be sure about that. I have used an acrylic yarn as a) I can't wear wool and b) it is not the kind of garment I can envisage getting a lot of wear out of so am not prepared to spend ££'s on something that will get worn now and again. I have altered this coat from the one I made previously. I used a smaller sized hook for the waist area to give the coat some shape and have used 6 small buttons to close it from bust to waist should I desire. I also started the bottom pattern slightly lower down so that the bulk did not land on my hip area. Although I am a big girl I find that shapeless garments add to my bulk rather than detract so am endeavouring to give things I make a bit of a shape. (Have I been watching too much How to Look Good Naked?).

I will try to get some better photos taken of the Duster Coat to put on Ravelry and Flickr but it is so hard to take photos of oneself wearing things like this. I shall have to grab a passing neighbour when the coat is dry.


Pammy Sue said...

Love your coat! I have wanted to make that one myself, but was afraid it would take forever and be very boring. About how long did it take you to complete, and did you enjoy it? It lookd like it turned out really great.


June said...

Your coat is looks really nice and I am amazed at how quickly you made it. Would like to see you wearing it.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! I can't believe you finished it so quickly, Jan. It's lovely and I do hope you find a passing neighbor to take a photo of you in it as I would love to see it on you.