Thursday, 15 October 2009

Photos From The Naked Knitting Calendar Launch Party

As most of my online friends couldn't come to the Knitting Noras Naked Calendar Launch Party then I thought that I would bring it to you via a few photos. I could not see a thing through the viewfinder when I was taking the photos so it was very much a case of point it at people and hope for the best type of photography. The photo of the cake that Deb trailed all over Bolton to get made, actually has a photo on it of the front cover of the calendar but due to my rubbish photography has come out rather blurry. You can barely see the cake in the photo where Deb is cutting it either.

Most of the people on the photos are members of the Knitting Noras but there are a few supporters and partners in there as well including Laurie the calendar photographer. Paul and his wife from Evolution Printing, the printers of the calendar, also came to show support as did Debbie Tomkies who dyed the wool that I used to crochet the mermaid's tail with. She is the lady with the fetching bright pink flash in her hair. The guy wearing the white T shirt is Tony who has done such sterling work with our web site and was responsible for making up our calendar pre order page which has been such a help with the calendar sales. He came all the way from London via 3 trains to meet the rest of the Knitting Noras as previously he had only met three Noras in London at the I Knit exhibition.

The party was held at the Blundell Arms,Chorley Old Road,Bolton and the landlord did us proud with plates of sandwiches. As I said yesterday it was such a shame that the press didn't turn up to record the launch party properly. We have had some good publicity pre calendar printing but a blast of publicity in the local papers would have been so good for sales now that the calendar is available for sale.

Once again many thanks to Deb and Jen for organising the party. I had a good time and I am sure everyone else did as well. I think that I was the only Nora who wasn't actually knitting during the party.

So sorry that Ambermoggie and Mr Mog didn't make it to the party. You were missed. I hope that you feel better soon Amber.

I did finish off the black duster coat and wore it to the party but I will get my niece to take photos in the daylight at the weekend to show the bottom half of the coat and it's pattern changes.

I must add congratulations to Julie and Jim who celebrated their silver wedding yesterday. Julie was the Nora who knitted the long red stockings and the hiking socks that Francesca and Adam wore on the December page of the calendar.

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