Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Crochet Magazines

I am posting a few photos of the projects from one of my new crochet magazines to distract you from the fact that I haven't done a lot of crochet over the last couple of days. I have done a wee bit more than the photo suggests and am in fact on the second sleeve of the first baby cardigan. I have done the larger one first so the next one shouldn't take me as long. Both of the jackets have a fringed edging so that should be fun - not! try as I might my fringing always looks a bit on the bedraggled uneven side.

I had to nip into Manchester today so I went into WH Smiths and bought two crochet magazines. Inside Crochet and Crochet Today. I will preview the projects in Inside Crochet first as the other magazine is full of the dreaded C word. No not the rude one the Jingle Bells, Santa Claus C word. Shhh if I don't say it out loud then I will have more weeks to make presents. La la la, humming with fingers in ears, and not looking at Ailsa's blog (Not Enough Time to Craft) with her countdown days to C. Ignorance is bliss La la la!

I like Elvira the cardigan by Annette Petavy. I looks a close enough stitch to be warm even though it is crocheted in 4ply and the stitch is very pretty.I always think downwards stripes in a pattern are flattering. The Scallop scarves by Nicki Trench are quick to make yet pretty and warm and will make good last minute presents.

The man's scarf Forest Walk by Lisa Naskrent is a close imitation cable type of stitch scarf which I think would equally suit a lady who perhaps isn't into lacy scarves and wants something a it more substantial. The jury is still out on the hooded Stroll Jacket by Rebecca Velasquez. As you can see in the photo there is a view of the jacket laid flat and the jacket flares out over the hip line which is something I am not sure about for me. Nor do I like the very flared sleeves ends. I would have liked to see a photo of the model standing up to see just how much flare there is over the hips. Magazines are guilty of taking the most photogenic shots rather than shots that show the jacket as it really is. Maybe someone on Ravelry will make it soon and then I can see it on a "real" person. The hood looks absolutely enormous. As my Dad used to say big enough to keep the rain off a small village!

The Chevron Tunic by Marlaina Bird has a nice shape to it but I don't like the use of the different colours. Reminds me of the garments you make when you don't have quite enough wool all the same colour so you dip into your oddment bag to introduce some other colours to eke the wool out. I think the pink chevron stitch on one front looks decidedly odd.

The Masonry Jacket by Kira Delany has got a rather vintage look to it. I can remember wearing a similar jacket in my youth. The jacket has one of those high necked collarless necklines when it is buttoned all the way to the top a bit reminiscent of the Beatle jackets in the 60's.

Carmella Caterpillar by Nicki Trench is very sweet but I don't make crochet toys. I can see it's cute appeal though.

There are a couple of bags, one fulled or felted (UGG) some crochet freesia and a horrendous purple diamond tunic which looks OK on the flat but about ten times too large for the model in the photo making it look UGG. The front cover Bejewelled Tank Top by Monica Welle Brown is OK for shape but what are they thinking about with those odd sized buttons? I think it would look far better without those or a least use buttons that tone.

I will preview Crochet Today on the blog tomorrow when maybe I can bring myself to utter the C word. La La La .

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