Monday, 26 October 2009

Woman's Weekly Knit and Crochet Special

Tonight I went to the Kings Arms, Salford Knit Club. It felt good to go there tonight as I have missed a couple of weeks. I really enjoy the company there. Great bunch of people plus the joy of knitting in a pub that always makes us feel so welcome. Somehow it all makes for a different atmosphere to the usual Knit Clubs. Not as many people there as usual but we had a good natter and a good laugh.

I have started an All Shawl with a part machine cone that I was given and will have to adapt as the cone is a mere 4ply weight and the pattern is for much thicker yarn. I will improvise when I get to the edging pattern. I wanted some mindless crochet for the Knit Club yesterday and tonight. I cannot concentrate on anything too complicated whilst chatting.

I have also started another baby pattern by Kay Jones. Once again I will be adapting as the pattern is for 4ply and I have double knitting yarn. A minor detail that I will work on. I will use the pattern stitch from this new pattern but use the stitches and rows from the pattern I have just made with a bit of improvisation to make it a V Neck. All will be revealed when I take photographs tomorrow.

The photos today are from the Woman's Weekly Knitting and Crochet Special Autumn 2009 that I bought yesterday from WH Smiths in Bolton. It has quite a few garments in there that I like. One is the grey shawl collar cardigan which is crocheted and I like the striped baby all in one with a little hat which I will adapt to make a sweater. The crochet duffle coat is another pattern that I like. There is also a pattern for a knitted Noddy doll and a Thomas the Tank sweater in the magazine.


Anonymous said...

Great patterns! I love the little Great Coat on the baby. How cute is that?

You are so amazing, Jan. You just whip things out, one after another, and they are all so beautiful.

Just like you.

The Wibbenhorst's said...

Do you still have this by any chance? I'm in the U.S and have been looking everywhere for a Noddy pattern and cannot find one :( My daughter really wants one for her Birthday... Thanks!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Yes I still have the pattern. If you are on Ravelry then contact me on theurbangypsy.