Sunday, 4 October 2009

Bit Of Sunshine Today

I have finished the second, slightly smaller size, aran jacket for Charlie and even managed to squeeze a beanie hat out of the 400 gram ball of aran. I always get a sense of satisfaction from having almost no wool left at the end of a project. Another small dent has been made in my stash. The advantage now is that if the smaller aran doesn't fit Charlie it will come in for Fynnlay later when he grows.The disadvantages to knitting navy in the presence of Buster is that I will have to pick over the jacket with tweezers before I give it away. Buster is shedding and my house has a hairy carpet, hairy cushions (despite the daily hoovering) and I am wearing hairy trousers. Time for a deep clean once he has gone back home again! Much as I have enjoyed Buster's company this week I will be glad to be able sit on a sofa again without first having to wipe off muddy paw prints and be able to wear trousers that don't look like mohair. How do people stay groomed with cats and dogs? I think he is here until Tuesday and then I will be like a whirling dervish with my duster and hoover flying in all directions.

Buster wasn't speaking to me yesterday as the weather was appalling, my knee was hurting and so I didn't take him out for his usual walk. Buster is of the opinion that if you have one bad leg then you can hop on the other one and a bit of rain never hurt anyone! Needless to say we differed on this opinion and as I am the keeper of the front door key what I said was the rule. He sighed loudly all day long, sulked, gave me dirty looks and generally made a nuisance of himself by plonking him self right between me and my knitting and staring me out. Hard to knit with a boxer cross in your lap with his nose pressed against your face expressing disapproval. Today he is already getting agitated and is chasing the magpies up and down the garden so I think I shall have to limp my way around the woods with him soon. Roll on Tuesday my knee could do with a jolly good rest.

He will have to wait for his walk until I have pushed the hoover around for the 10th time this week. I have given up with the kitchen floor. As fast as I mop it he trails in with dirty wet paws. It can stay dirty now until Tuesday. I am such a scruff aren't I? I wonder now how I managed when I had him full time but of course then I was a lot fitter and so probably never noticed the extra work.


Mattenylou said...

Jan- Charlie's sweater and hat is adorable. Isn't it fun to make things for the little ones? Too bad they outgrow them so fast, tho.

Our Newman lets us know when it's time to go walking, too, whether we want to or not! Sometimes it's just easier to take him out for a jaunt, rather than having him give me the cold stare for the afternoon! I can't believe I sometimes let this dog run my life!

Cat said...

Beautiful, as usual! Every time I check out what you are doing I think to myself, I wish I were you with all that talent! You amaze me! :o) It's a good thing.

Rachael Elwell said...

hey jan,

i'm going to find a suitably comortable bar to knit in on monday night, i'll be thinking of you all, hehehehe.