Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Remember the film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I was getting ready to go to the Naked Knitting Calendar Launch and had just taken the curlers out of my hair and with my sense of humour I started to giggle when I saw my hair in ringlets reminiscent of Bette Davies in the film. Mutton dressed as lamb or what? Don't panic folks as I didn't leave the house looking like that as you can see. I brushed out the ringlets and then put my hair up as usual. I just needed the added boost that the curlers give to my very fine hair.

I managed to get to the launch last night via a metro tram and two buses. The bus guard of the last one took pity on me and set me down a few hundred yards before the Blundell Arms as the bus stops outside the pub had been suspended due to road works and so it would have been a good walk for me if he had put me down at the next bus stop. Thankfully Caroline and Michael gave me a lift home as I don't think I could have faced another 2 hr journey back home again.

I did take photos of the party but I have still got to condense them down to fit them on the blog. I will put them on tomorrow. There was a really good turn out of Noras and supporters. Deb and Jen had worked really hard to organise the whole event and the pub did us proud providing sandwiches and letting us put up posters, calendars and garments all around the pub. The only flaw in it all was the absence of the press. It would have been great to have had some local press support but as they had given us a lot of pre calendar press perhaps they felt that we had enough coverage. We could have done with the extra boost for sales as the next 6 weeks will be crucial to the calendar sales leading up to Christmas. The landlord of the Blundell was a bit disappointed also as it would have been good publicity for him also. Incidentally I had a meal whilst I was there. Fish and chips. Sounds mundane but the fish was lovely and fresh and along with the chips was piping hot and delicious. I would definitely recommend the pub for a meal if my meal was their normal standard. The Blundell Arms, Chorley Old Road, Bolton where we hold our knit outs every second Tuesday in the month.

I did take some crochet with me to the Blundell but when I did the chain and the first row it was obvious that I needed a smaller hook to get the tension right for this first size baby jacket. I had, of course, only brought one hook with me and one project. I abandoned it and felt really out of place amongst all of the knitters sitting there with idle fingers whilst they beavered away industriously..


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

sorry we didn't get there Jan I was too sore and went to bed early:(

Shannon said...

Love your blog! The black duster is beautiful, and I can't wait to see the kitten suit sweater!