Monday, 12 October 2009


I am using an old pattern as the basis of my next project for myself. It is beautifully described in the pattern as a kittensuit but you will be relieved to know that I shall not be wearing in the manner of the pattern. I did once make it and wear it in my 20's but back then I had the figure for it. I soon discovered the limitations of wearing such a garment when I needed a natural break and had to unlace myself in the ladies! I was a lover of those catsuits in that era and have spent many minutes trying to get myself out of a catsuit and hold it up out of the wet that is inevitably on the toilet floor. Oh to be able to fit once again into my size 10 bottle green shimmery catsuit with it's 3" wide gold belt. Those were the days. I used to attract a lot of attention in it. Now if I wore anything similar I would attract attention still but not in a positive way unless I were amongst a crowd of fat admirers!

I am only making a top this time but as I am in a shaped garment mode I remembered that this kittensuit shaped in for the waist and then out again at the hips which was perfect for the type of top I want to make. I am amending it by making it a V neck and not adding a collar. The back is looking a bit huge to me so I am not sure if the fit will be right once it gets to the making up stage. There may be some more revamping to be done. Having said that I am rather huge at the moment so maybe this huge looking back will actually fit me!

Today I had to take the heart/oxygen level monitor back to the hospital. My knee is now really protesting as the walk to the hospital from the tram stop is quite long for me in my present knackered state. I was walking really slowly on the return journey. Fortunately Slattery's sandwich shop was closed today so I wasn't lured in by the gorgeous freshly made sandwiches and their superb cream cakes. Friday's sandwich and cake cost me twice as much as a normal buttie shop but they were worth every penny as every bite was pure heaven.

The cardio vascular department amuses me. It is at the end of an extremely long straight corridor that seems to stretch for miles. By the time anyone who comes in via the main entrance gets there they will need oxygen or a heart transplant. You would think that they would site it somewhere more accessible especially since they have closed the small disabled car park that used to be outside a pair of doors leading to that department. A huge portacabin now stands on that car park so God help the disabled as the car park is now down a steepish hill. I think that I will write and ask if they can install a moving pavement like they have in airports leading from the main entrance to the departments at the far end of the corridor.

I am not going to the Kings Arms Knitters tonight. Pam, who normally offers me a lift, isn't well and has been in bed all day so I will be crocheting at home tonight.

The black Duster Coat is now dry and the sleeves unravelled by a row. I didn't see any neighbours to waylay for a photograph as by the time they came home from work it was going dark. Maybe tomorrow.

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