Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Postman Brought Books

I went to pre order the new Doris Chan crochet book from Amazon (even though it is not due out until April) and these two books sprang into my basket. Oops. The Crocheted Gifts book has a few things in it that I will probably make and I will take a few photos later in the week to show you some of the things in the book that I like. The front cover afghan is a favourite and guess who it is by - yes Doris Chan so it was bound to be a winner in my eyes. The Natural Crochet book, however, I have found very disappointing and I doubt if I will make more than one of the items in it. I try, wherever possible, to support UK designers but when the books are as lack lustre as this one is I find it hard to be enthusiastic. The designs are pretty mundane and don't seem to fit the children in the book too well. The front cover shrug appears to bunch up around the back of the neck which I am sure would annoy any little girl who wore it. Ah well I will just add it to my pile of books and think that maybe one day I will make something from it.

Charlie's 2nd aran cardigan has made some progress and now has two fronts as well as a back but as you can't keep me from crochet long I decided to start a crochet pram blanket with some Hayfield Baby Chunky that I had in my stash. Nice mindless crochet whilst I watch catch up TV on my PC. Today it was Piers Morgan in Hollywood and then interviewing Sir Cliff Richard. Then for some reason I found an audience with Kenneth Williams from years ago and watched that as well. It was that old that Matthew Kelly was in the audience with dark hair and a beard and wearing some kind of strange rainbow sweater! A lot of people in the audience have long since departed to the theatre in the sky along with Kenneth Williams.

Buster has settled down quite well apart from the fact that he seems to be super glued to my feet. Everywhere I go he goes. I have almost tripped over him quite a few times as he lies at my feet even when I am washing dishes or on the PC. We have just come back from a walk. It's funny but he wants to go out at exactly the same time as we used to go out when he lived here and stops for a stick throw in all of the same places. It's almost like he has never been away. I love him being here but I find it all a bit too much for my knee. I think I will be sad to see him go but glad not to have to walk him up hill and down dale every day.

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