Wednesday, 23 September 2009

At Last A Baby

My neighbours have finally got their little boy. He was due on the 9th but he has taken his time. They have called him Zak (not sure of their spelling yet) and he was born at 3am this morning and weighs a little under 7lbs. I have just had a text to say my niece's friend Louise is on her way to the delivery room so it's all happening today. My neighbour's husband said there had been 7 babies born today before lunchtime at the hospital so if Louise give birth today then that will be one more plus any others born after lunch.

I have finished the back of Charlie's cardigan and started a sleeve. As you can see I have also started him a lighter coloured sweater to knit when I am in the lamp light. For a while now I have been having trouble with my eyes (or so I thought) Yesterday one of the bulbs in the lamp pictured started flickering and I had to replace it. Last night I was working away underneath it when the light bulb exploded and the room was plunged into darkness. As it was almost bedtime I decided to leave it until this morning to investigate what had happened. Today I found the fuse had blown so I replaced it but had to put in two normal bulbs as the energy saving bulbs had blown. I then discovered that there is nothing wrong with my eyes. It was the poor light that was coming from these energy saving bulbs that was causing all of my eye problems. Lord help us if the day dawns when all we can get are these bulbs. I think I will have to give up knitting and crocheting if that day ever comes. Not much point saving energy if we all finish up with bad eyesight!

The calendar has had a really good plug on Ravelry by Teresa (Skeinfest) in the Doris Chan forums. These are very popular forums and are read by hundreds of Doris Chan fans and Doris herself. Another lady on Ravelry has picked up the story and has featured it on her blog. All this extra publicity can hopefully give the calendar sales a US boost. Thanks Teresa for mentioning us. Teresa is the lovely lady who got me the Doris Chan leaflet (the one that I used for the grey shoulder capelet and the openwork black and red circular shawl with the flowers around it) when I could not find a UK stockist or a US stockist willing to post it out to the UK.

Thanks for your comments on the Paella and Cava party Bev and June. If both of you lived nearer I am sure we could have a similar garden party but with crochet! I am not sure whether we would crochet anything recognisable after a few Cava and Grenadine's but I am sure there would be a lot of laughter.

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